Can you install cams with longer open duration and lift into a fuel injected engine?

Can you install Cams with higher lift and duration into a fuel injected engine?

I don't know much about fuel injected engines, but having better cams will give me better intake; e.g. I'll be sucking in more air. So my MAF sensor should read this and deliver more fuel to compensate on its own right? I was told that you could only drop better cams in corroborated engines, but I don't understand why the MAF sensor wouldn't compensate on its own.

Will I have to buy a wide band O2 sensor?

And yes I'm planning on upgrading the main bearings, rods, pistons, rings, valve springs, and gaskets etc.

The engine is a 3.8 GM 231 V6. If you're wondering why I want to "soup up" a V6 it's because I like the fact that this engine gets decent gas mileage when I drive like a normal person, but when I mash my foot into the floor I get a moderate amount of power. It's a nice balance. I really like this engine.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Comp has SO many pieces which are absolutely BRUTAL on rates...They'll tear valve train components up and the valve train will also be noisy. That said, I can make you something that will make power without tearing up parts.

    You don't need a big seat duration cam, you simply need something with a quicker ramp. Much of it is about valve timing vs piston movement throughout the cycle. What your goals are will also be a big factor in determining needs.

    For a daily driver, it's not really worth messing with, honestly. Anytime you hurt torque in the RPM that you will spend 99% of your time in, (such as 1500-2200 for a daily) you will cost yourself mileage.

    Any cam change is going to require custom ECM tuning with the aid of 4-5 gas exhaust gas analysis, not simply looking at O2 sensor AFR readings alone.

    Source(s): Camshaft design/manufacture, full competition race engine building/development, failure analysis of internal engine components, Carb blueprinting, drivability/MPG/durability expert, chem analysis of fuel, super-tuner. I'll help/advise you, make/sell you cams, etc. I'm MUCH too busy to baby-sit you for free. I get MANY emails from Yahoo Answers. A few buyers from here, even. That said, I WILL answer a private email or two, but please don't slam me with endless emails asking endless questions.
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    7 years ago

    after you build up this v6 and put a high lift cam, the gas mileage will drop a lot. mainly from the cam. I suggest buying a stock v8 car like a mustang or camaro, that way the gas is in between what your v6 is and what it will be after the work, and you'll have the same amount of power you'd have after the work

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    7 years ago

    yes you can look into comp cams, and don't be cheap and try to cut corners, if your going to invest in a good cam do your research for the application you want. lifters the whole thing. fair warning it gets expensive.

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