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My computer has internet problems?Read below for more info?

Hey guys! Having some trouble. I have a Dell inspiron 15r with Intel core i5 and windows 7. I have this very strange issue where i turn on my computer and after about 5 minutes, my internet will crash on my COMPUTER ONLY. not sure why... if i restart the laptop it will fix the problem until i shut it down again... Not sure why this is happening, HELP. (BTW i'm pretty good would computers so don't be afraid to be technical.)

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    Hi Mitchell,

    I am Kaveri from the Dell Social Media Outreach team.

    You can update the latest wireless drivers from Dell support website to resolve this issue. Please find the link below for the same.


    1) Enter the Service Tag and press submit button. ( You can find the service tag at the bottom of the laptop on white sticker, it’s a seven digit alphanumeric code which ends with BS or number 1.)

    2) Click on Drivers and Downloads.

    3) Choose the Operating system.

    4) Click on wireless drivers and download it.

    After installing the wireless driver, Press Fn + F2 key to enable the network card and then connect with the router.

    In case of any further assistance Please feel free to contact me directly by sending a reply to this blog.

    We would recommend you do not post your private information on a public forum.

    Thanks & Regards



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    Seems like there is a driver problem with the Wifi Card inside your laptop computer. I would highly suggest that you download the newest drivers from the manufacture of the card, mostly Intel. You can lookup the model number for your wifi card by going to Start -> Run -> dxdiag which lists all of the components of your computer. Then google search for the drivers for the specific model, always be sure to download directly from the manufacturer. Restart after you install the new drivers.

    If this does not work, your wifi card might be defective, see if your laptop is under warranty, if not a new replacement would run you about $30 to $50 dollars. Look for the same model number wifi card on eBay, take some screws out from the back cover of your laptop and you should be able to just pull out the old card and put in the new card.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    don't know what you mean by "my internet" will crash , if your browser is crashing it's a browser problem nothing to do with the internet, current firefox editions are flaky , IE 9 is also prone to crashing) and even chrome has been unreliable , on my edition the first tab will never open , but it runs fine once a second and further tabs are open

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