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how long can you kive with perforated bowel with no treatment?

Mum has ovarian cancer got 3 lots chemo 26 days ago perforated bowel given 24hrs-2days to live. Eating custard porridge drinking. Tummy really destended like going to explode. Doc says bowel blocked yet 2 days ago able to pass small bowel movement. In pain in hosp on morphine driver since 26th jan 2014 plus 2 hourly injections. Doc withdrew all stats 2weeks ago wont do scann to see whats going on in stomach. Cant operate becos of cancer and too ill to go through op. Change medication so cant eat becos shes out of it most of time taking zips of water. How long can she go on? Could more be done for her or is outlook enevitable?

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    A perforated bowel is very painful and usually surgery is done to either repair it or remove that section of bowel. It will continue to bleed and you're right, the distention is from her bowels being filled with fecal matter and she's unable to move them. Morphine will of course cause constipation making this even worse. It doesn't sound like it will be too long. I understand why the doctors won't do surgery on her because as sick as she is, she may not withstand the surgery. That is probably why the doc won't do scans because he/she already knows what's there. Since nothing else can be done, a scan would be of no help except to tell them what they already know. I really hope your mom feels no pain. Hope they are keeping her comfortable. I pray you, your mom and your whole family know that peace that passes all understanding. God bless your mom and your family. I do wish for the best for all concerned.

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    You don't live at all, of course. She would be having a lot of pain. Don't go home at all. It will be terrible to see her like this.

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