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There is the movie that is Black & White that I saw a long time ago about a older woman that wants to be famous and finds an ad in the news paper about child stars. She gets the Child star director to come to the house and watch her preform and he says no because she's not the right age. Well she changes her appearance to look like a young girl and the director takes her in to live with him and over time she starts to fall in love with this man that she hated so much before.

Does ANYONE know a movie that's similar to this?

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    There's one called "The Major and the Minor" (1942) starring Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland that is similar. But she wasn't pretending to be a child star.

    Maybe this one, instead: "My Gal Loves Music" (1944)

    Universal's My Gal Loves Music is an agreeable derivation of Paramount's The Major and the Minor. Grace McDonald plays pretty and talented Judy Mason, who poses as a 14-year-old child prodigy to pep up business for snake-oil peddler Dr. Bilbo's (Walter Catlett) medicine show. As an upshot of this deception, Judy is brought to New York to sing on a network radio program, with Bilbo-who happens to be her uncle-in tow. Mel Murray (Bob Crosby), bandleader on the radio show, decides to protect "little" Judy during her visit to the big city. He finds himself falling in love with the girl despite the presumed difference in their ages, leading Judy to seriously consider telling the truth for the first time in the picture.

    or "Too Young to Kiss" (1951)?

    Pianist Cynthia Potter (June Allyson) is well into her 20s, but she's posing as a 14-year-old musical prodigy. It's part of her desperate effort to become a client of highly selective concert-promoter Eric Wainwright (Van Johnson), who is only hiring "young" performers. Wainwright falls for Cynthia's subterfuge, building a huge promotional campaign predicated upon his new protégé's "youth." He even adopts a fatherly attitude towards Cynthia, who would prefer that their relationship be a bit more intimate. Though it may seem to be a rehash of the 1942 comedy The Major and the Minor, Too Young to Kiss remains fresh and funny throughout, thanks to the script-writing know-how of Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

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