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I hurt him, but now he's hurting me a lot and he seems like he doesn't care..What should I do?

Hi! I am sorry for my grammar, but English is not my mother togue.

So, there is this boy I have been in a relationship with for 2 two years. The first year was a fairytale, but I was a bit distant and in the 6th month I told him that I sometimes think about my ex ( also a two years relationship that I ended 4 months before starting this with him). We were honest with eachother and that's why I told him. Anyways, he gradually changed and in a year he became a jerk. He was forgeting about me all the time..I knew we had something, I knew he loved me, which is why I didn't blame his behavior, but the people he hung out with..Those were the real jerks..(one of them is his cousin) In spite of his outrageous behavior I stick with him for another year, only that this year was horrible..i even had attempts to kill myself because I was treated like crap and he destroyed me emotionally completely..I couldn't think rational anymore.

Eventually, after that horrific 11 months he ended things with me when I needed him the most..I had been through the worst time of my life and he choose to leave me..I felt like nothing. After a week from the break-up..I started a new relationship with another guy..i know it's coward-like.. but he helped me a lot. I didn't think about suicide anymore.. But, after two weeks He called me crying..and told me that he doesn't have a life without me..that I'll always be the love of his life..and that he only left me because he was hurting me really bad...I know he told me the truth because he stayed constantly drunk and almost giving up on school (We're seniors in high school)

Hearing what he had to say and in what condition he is..I felt so bad that I got back together with him.. Almost everything was perfect, maybe too perfect, except the fact that I wasn't. I wasn't distant, but he was too clingy. He wanted me to text him everyhing I after a week from new year's eve I left him..thinking that I don't love him anymore..but then, I started to realise that I we got back together after wreking him..and now, after two months we got in a big fight again and he said we are never going back together..except that we did but he is hurting me a lot..he hungs with other girls that he used to hit on when we were broken up..actually he's destroing me emotionally again..and those dark thoughts are coming fast..I can't broke up with him because I feel like i can't live without him..I know it's crazy..but I feel like there is only my fault..and I love him..

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    i can say that u act like u ignore him go out with another boy just make him so jalus at ya good luck swt hrt by the way do yo mind to be my freind on fb???if yar nt then send me a req at ths gmail-(

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