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Anyone know the name of the movie?

There's a movie I'm looking for but can only remember a few vague details. I thought Joan Plowright was in the movie. But could be wrong.

All I can remember about it was that I thought an older woman,Joan Plowright, was taking care of a young girl. In the movie, the girl burns herself with cigarettes. She has a small box of items she treasures. I remember in what i believed to be the end, the older woman cutting the hedges and the little girl was trying to talk to her, but she was ignoring her. I have no idea what the movie is titled, and would love to know.


Thank you. It is Zelly and me. Have been searching for this movies forever lol.

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    Could the older woman have been Glynis Johns? There's an oldie called "Zelly and Me" (1988) in which an older woman (the grandmother) takes care of a young girl and, essentially, ignores her. I don't remember if she burns herself.

    EDIT: I'm almost positive this is, indeed, the movie you are looking for. I refreshed my memory by finding this review:

    "A strict grandmother who's only duty is to prevent her grandaughter from being rebellious like the girl's mother, never seems to provide enough love for her. When Zelly notices Phoebe BURNT HERSELF, CoCo fires Zelly, and pushes Phoebe into her parents bedroom because "she's now a big girl" and throws Phoebe's toys including her Teddy bear away. Zelly tries to rescue Phoebe, but at the last minute she and her boyfriend who attempted to kidnap her knows it's wrong, and sends her back. Phoebe, must face the fact of living with her strict Grandmother, and with a pair of white socks makes a doll for herself."

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    back to the secret garden (2001 ) ???

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