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英文片語 start from / start for

能詳細的介紹start from和start for的用法給我嗎


start from和start for 能加地名嗎?


Start from Taiwan 從台灣出發

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    Certainly! For example

    "start for" means "some place to begin a journey to some place"

    When shall we start for TaoYuan?

    We will start for Taipei before 6:00am.

    "start from" means "to begin a journey at some place"

    We will started from TaoYuan, where will you start from?

    Our trip started from the TaoYuan airport.

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    for examples:

    We depart from TPE for LAX this afternoon.

    2014-02-19 23:32:31 補充:


    This trip will start from TPE, via NRT, to LAX.

    The itinerary starts from KHH.

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