Do some crimes just fly under the radar?

Apparently my friend got mugged the other day and it seemed like a big deal, the mugger had a knife, tried to stab my friend, but my friend was able to fight back because he knows martial arts. It ended with the mugger getting arrested.

Now I know that assuming my friend is lying makes me look like an *** but trust me, if you were in my shoes you would be skeptical too. Anyway, I've been looking online for recent news because I feel like this is a big enough deal to at least be reported, but I also don't know how everything works, does it take time to surface? Is there a chance it may never even be in some report?

Any input would be great.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It might go under the radar. I'm sure there is some way to verify however. With the police department or something.

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