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Bob asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 6 years ago

Fantasy Baseball Question?

Trying Fantasy Baseball for the first time this year. I've heard it's very different from Fantasy Basketball and FF, any advice? Like don't take pitchers too soon or something? Here's my first mock draft or any sort of draft whatsoever in this sport, would you mind taking a look at it? Is it a miracle that someone with no experience would put together such an amazing team, or is this the most hysterical thing you've seen? Be critical:

5: Clayton Kershaw [SP,P]

16: Joey Votto [1B]

25: Stephen Strasburg [SP,P]

36: Justin Verlander [SP,P]

45: Buster Posey [C,1B]

56: Joe Mauer [C,1B]

65: Anibal Sanchez [SP,P]

76: Pedro Alvarez [3B]

85: Yadier Molina [C]

96: Carlos Beltran [OF]

105: Brandon Phillips [2B]

116: Rafael Soriano [RP, P]

125: Austin Jackson [OF]

136: Asdrubal Cabrera [SS]

145: Andrew Cashner [SP,RP,P]

156: Brett Gardner [OF]

165: Jose Veras [RP,P]

176: A.J. Burnett [RP,P]

185: J.J. Hardy [SS]

196: Xander Bogarts [3B, SS]

205: Torii Hunter [OF]

216: Jake Peavy [SP, P]

225: Kendrys Morales [1B]

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  • Pronk
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    Consider how deep each position is talent wise..

    I think Kershaw is a big mistake in the 1st round.The starting pitching position is very deep,and you can win pitching categories with sheer QUANTITY.Take 1,or 2 SP aces between rounds 3 & 7,but then basically just get more SPs & closers than your opponents.

    Offense needs QUALITY starters;The highest quality possible.I like getting 2nd & 3rd basemen & SSs ASAP because they are the shallowest positions.

    I don't like your Mauer & Posey picks either..You need POWER & SPEED,and lots of it.Posey & Mauer are not big power & speed guys;And,catcher & 1st base is very deep this year.I took Adrian Gonzalez & Carlos Santana several rounds later than you took Mauer & Posey,and I'd bet my players will get more homers & rbis than your players.

    I drafted a starting lineup with 10 power hitters,2 speed guys,and 1 speedy backup bench warmer;The rest of my players are pitchers.I've won 90% of my baseball leagues the last 15 years using this formula.

    You had a good draft,but try to avoid Kershaw;Cano would have been a much better pick.SPs ONLY USUALLY GIVE YOU 1 GAME A WEEK,sometimes 2,but HITTERS PLAY FOR YOU NEARLY EVERYDAY.

    gud loock

    Yo Josh,my fantasy trophy case has more gold than Fort Knox..I wish I could be in a league with you to prove who's right:)

    (BTW-I only play for big money.)

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  • 6 years ago

    Listen to Pronk;He's the best player and answerer period.He won the few money leagues I played against him in.SPs are NOT half the battle,as another answerer stated.In 5x5 leagues SPs only help you in 4 categories;UNLESS YOU EXPECT KERSHAW TO GET YOU SAVES.Top O' the line hitters are the way to go because they help you in 5 categories.SPs can ONLY help you in 4.Every category is huge.That's like saying let's split $10,000,000; I'll take 4 million dollars,you take 5 million.Only an idiot would think that 4 million dollars is half of 10 million.

    @Pronk,,,don't get a big head,I'm gonna bring you down in a money league sooner,or later.You are not inFOULable,lol;Get it?Got it?Good.

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  • 6 years ago

    To the guy that said not to pick starting pitching: pitching is half the matchup and if you cant win a pitching category you will never win, someone in my league last year drafted like 8 straight pitchers to start the draft and the first batter they took was paul goldschmidt and he ended up being great. If you watch the waiver wire early much like other fantasy sports you can pick up guys that end up having breakout season. I wouldnt recommend taking all pitchers, but taking pitches early can really give you an advantage. Last year i draft almost exclusively batters in the early rounds, I thought i was stacked with guys like stanton and josh hamilton. I turned out losing the league because every single one of my batters underperformed and i didnt have pitching to back me up. Fantasy baseball is more difficult because you dont get nearly as many stats as in other sports. good luck

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  • 6 years ago

    Solid team but one too many catchers if you ask me. Catchers back to back early is usually a mistake

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  • 6 years ago

    i can tell you this right now, you have an amazing team

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