Why does everyone think Amanda Knox is guilty?

Her DNA wasn't found in Meredith's room, but Rudy Guede's and Raffaele Sollecito's were. And some are criticising her for not going back to Italy, but I can understand why. If you were innocent and knew you were going to go to a trial that you would lose!!!And go into prison for a very long time. Police say that there was a staged break in, but what if Raffaele and Amanda found Meredith's body, broke the window to prove their innocence and were seen kissing outside as if to say (it wasn't our fault, it is okay) or if Rudy just did it himself....What do you think happened?

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    At this point, we're never going to know.

    The Police messed up the crime scene and contaminated what evidence there was. The press determined that Knox was guilty simply because she's an American. The cops and the court system was under extreme pressure to find the killer, and so they simply went along with the press' opinion. The only real evidence that was presented was the fingerprints on the knife from the kitchen where Knox and Meredith lived, and opinions(!) that Knox and her boyfriend "didn't seem sad enough". That's not enough to convict someone of murder. That's why the appeal court threw out the ruling.

    Italy should have just let the issue die right there. But no. They had to roll out their circus legal system for act two, in a blatant display of double jeopardy. This wasn't an "appeal" it was a complete 2nd trial.

    @Melissa - of course they found her fingerprints on the knife. The murder took place in the apartment that Knox shared with Meredith and the knife came from the kitchen...in the apartment...that Knox shared with Meredith. I bet your fingerprints are on your knives in your kitchen as well. Does that make you guilty of a crime? And this was the only piece of forensic evidence presented. Do you see why many think Italy's court system is more laughable than a circus full of clowns?

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    Anyone even remotely actually familiar with the FACTS of the TRIAL.........not the ENQUIRER or the Injustice in Perugia FANTASY site.........knows the numerous LIES both she and her boyfriend told and were caught in.

    There is phyiscal footprint evidence found only with LUMINOL, made in MEREDITHS blood.

    That means, someone tried to clean up the murder scene. The prints match Amanda and Rafaele. They specifically do NOT match Rudy.......although OTHERS did.

    Meredith had severe bruising on her arms , from being HELD DOWN. This is fact. Many experts testified, that one person, could NOT have inflicted those wounds and stabbed her, at the same time.

    her body was MOVED, AFTER it was dead. This was also PROVEN by forensic evidence.

    Glass on TOP of the scattered contents of the room, suggest the window was broken, to stage a break in, AFTER the room had been ransacked, and yet, NOTHING was stolen.

    Working in reverse..if someone broke in, and ransacked a room......wouldn't Meredith have heard all that commotion? Of course, she didn't hear it..........because she was already DEAD.

    Someone threw a blanket over her naked dead body. That's an act of someone who held out some remorse and compassion for the victim.

    let's see........she framed an innocent ,man, but cries she herself is being framed. Oh, but framing Others is A-Okay in her book.

    The boyfriend made up countless lies......all proven false.

    Both gave wonderfully vague answers to police when questioned and neither could remember the night very well. There are phone records, computer records........all PROVING they LIED.

    and their response is......"Huh. That's odd. I can't explain that- "

    There are eye witnesses who saw them....and their response is.....Nope. wasn't us. But they can't prove it wasn't, and can't prove where they WERE then......yet they called the eyewitnesses liars.

    How many reasons would you LIKE, as to why they are guilty?

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    Everyone certainly does not think she's guilty. Probably because there is tons of evidence that shows she isn't and none that shows she is guilty. That's should be a problem for any thoughtful adult trying to make up their mind about her.

    No one has to like her but that isn't enough to then assume she's guilty of, or even complicit with, the murder of anyone.

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    We cant go against the verdict of the jury. Perhaps she isnt guilty,but in a civilised society a court is all we have to decide these things.The law allows for appeals from learned people.

    They wont take any notice of what we may think.?

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    7 years ago

    to be honest, there has been multiple trials, so if the people in the courtroom cant figure it out, then everyone in the states hearing about it on the news could only speculate their own opinions. but most people cant seem to sepetate their opinions from what they hold as fact

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    7 years ago

    I like your answer Betty, when Amanda was first arrested she was doing kartwheels and head stands in the holding cells.now it could have been a nervous reaction. They found her finger prints on the knife forensics don't lie. You tube her and watch her expressing as she is taken into court she has this weird evil smile on her face. In Canada we have what's called double jeopordy when some is convicted sent to jail and released they can't be convicted of that crime again. In italy that doesnt excist that is why she is being tried again

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    I think its her complete lack of compassion and self obsession that put me off her, she's a sociopath.

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