Is this Jandy character the definition of a bad fan?

looking at all the retarded questions he asks does he give a bad name to red sox fans?

he obsesses over the yankees, im a red sox fan and don't even really think about the yankees unless they are in a race with the sox or playing them, yeah i hate them but i think this jandy guy goes overboard, every question he asks is about the yankees, pretty ridiculous....i don't think he's a true red sox fan, whats everyone elses definition? i know this question will probably get deleted, don't give me no smart answer, tell me is this guy the definition of a bad fan?

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  • 7 years ago
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    No, I have to disagree with you about that.

    I will say that YOU make Red Sox fans look bad, though, by going on a pissy little rant where you tell us what you want to hear. At least Jandy asks questions which have something to do with baseball.

    This is a forum where we ask/answer questions about the game of baseball, not come to be pissy little kids and gossip about other users.

  • Rick
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    7 years ago

    Jandy is a loyal member of Red Sox Nation and an avid fan of Boston and New England teams. His loyalty and passion is commendable. There is no bandwagon thought to his approach. There is not a closet bone in his body. He is genetically superior. And he would never turn on a member of Red Sox Nation. The asker should pray for forgiveness. Turning on someone so loyal is despicable. Yankees suck.

  • 7 years ago

    He responds to some non-Red Sox and Yankee related questions so I would say that he is a passionate baseball fan all around.

  • 7 years ago

    I am a red sox fan myself die hard as well and I wouldn't even have posted this question because it is just giving atttention to him. Isn't that what he really wants. You are just as bad if you post a question calling someone out on here.

    No offense but this is the baseball section not the call out people because you think they are bad fans section. Who cares if he says what he says if you don't like it then don't respond or ignore him.

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  • Yes he is the definition of a bad fan. He wants to go around talking about how I'm a so call closet Yankees fan yet all he talks about is the Yankees. His act is old, boring and lame.

    Thanks for all the thumbs downs, I saw this question again and forgot I had answered it, with the way this guy rick gives answers one would have to think that he is jandy under a different account.

  • MrTR
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    7 years ago


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    He does make the Red Sox fans look bad. Many people on the net or this site don't always pay attention to what the Askers name is, I've read many ridiculous questions by obnoxious Red Sox fans, but they may all be from only one isolated asker?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No. "Fan" is short for "fanatic" and he is certainly fanatical about New England sports teams. He's a little over the top sometimes but that's part of being a fan. He's not hurting anyone.

  • No because he is no bandwagon fan, but a (sometimes delusional) New England fanatic.

    Source(s): Bandwagon fan is the definition of a bad fan.
  • Snid
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    7 years ago

    I don't think so. He's just the opposite to me. Sometimes he annoys me but I do admire his love of his favorite teams.

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