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Good places to go survivalist camping in texas?

So I've been obsessed with the idea of living off the land and all that stuff since I was 8. Now I'm 18 I finally have a bit of disposable income and some freedom. So I've been thinking of taking a camping trip this spring break. I live in Austin right now so there's a million places to go camping, but I've found nothing that I really think I'd enjoy. I really want to go somewhere incredibly secluded with no set spots for camping. I have permits for hunting and fishing so that's not going to be a problem. Just finding a place with the freedom to do all that has been difficult for me. Another thing I always wanted to do is set up a small hut or other shelter to hang out in when I go camping, I've done it on my own land a few times, but finding somewhere to do it where it isn't illegal seems impossible. It's sad how frustrating it is just trying to find a place to enjoy the wilderness. Anyway,does anyone know a spot nearby Austin that I could do this?

Thanks in advance.

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    As previously stated, National Forest and its dispersed

    camping is a choice good for 15 days. That makes the

    hut prospect unlikely. Suggest hauling a teepee or yurt.

    Be nomadic with no evidence that you were ever present.

    Anyone using a Google Earth download can go to Africa

    and find a hut built by a survivalist. These are easy to find

    using Orbital photography that allows reader to magnify a

    field of view, tilt for topographic perspective, and rotate 360

    degrees at will. You can also see where former huts stood.

    That's because the soil is discolored from what happens in

    survivalist lifestyle. There is no waste disposal hauled away

    for burial or burning. These squatters leave a circle of blight

    and infestation in Africa or elsewhere. Google Earth lets all

    property management in North America go everywhere. The

    excrement colored camps seen as in Africa will be detected.

    But, not if survivalist hides within a cattle feed lot where the

    brown stain of livestock hides their lifestyle signature. Feel

    free to compare what is presently around Austin and Africa.

    Right now Texas looks pretty. Feces and waste disposal is

    regulated. The wildlife spreads their stains far and wide so

    it blends into the overall orbital view. Its the work of man that

    attracts the eye. Don't be there when management arrives.

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    The closest national forest to you is the Sam Houston, they allow dispersed camping where you can pick your own spot to camp. However your stay will be limited to 15 days which should be enough for you to practice your skills. Good luck

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    Survivability vs Sustainability

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    Click "playlists" to get all the categories:

    Do you carry these items with you?

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    You need a National Forest. But a "survivalist" can establish camp under a bridge or on a rooftop.

    Stealth is where it's at.

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  • 6 years ago

    First, I am concerned over any "survivalist" who finds locating a dispersed campsite "impossible."

    Second, I am concerned over anyone who thinks that a forest is the place to go "living off the land."

    Go dispersed camping on one of the National Forests in the State of Texas. However, go fully prepared with a supply of water and food until you gain experience in "survival." Check with the District Ranger Office regarding regulations for dispersed camping. Leave-no-trace. Build no shelter. Pack a tent.

    Angelina National Forest

    111 Walnut Ridge Road

    Zavalla, Texas 75980

    (936) 897-1068

    Caddo/LBJ National Grasslands

    1400 US HWY 81/287

    P.O. Box 507

    Decatur, Texas 76234

    (940) 627-5475

    Davy Crockett National Forest

    18551 State Highway 7 East

    Kennard, Texas 75847

    (936) 655-2299

    Sabine National Forest

    5050 Hwy 21 East

    Hemphill, TX 75948

    (409) 625-1940

    Sam Houston National Forest

    394 FM 1375 West

    New Waverly, Texas 77358

    (936) 344-6205

    Dispersed Camping Areas

    ANGELINA (Sam Rayburn Reservoir Area) 936-897-1068 area description

    Bouton Lake: (936) 897-1068

    CADDO/LBJ (Dallas/Fort Worth Area) 940-627-5475 area description

    East Lake Crockett: (940) 627-5475

    DAVY CROCKETT (Lufkin/Crockett Area): 936-655-2299 area description

    Neches Bluff Overlook: (936) 655-2299

    SABINE (Toledo Bend Reservoir Area): 409-625-1940 area description

    Haley's Ferry Boat Ramp: (409) 625-1940

    Indian Mounds: (409) 625-1940

    Willow Oak: (409) 625-1940

    SAM HOUSTON (Houston/Conroe/Huntsville Area) area description

    Kelly's Pond Campground: (936) 344-6205

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