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definition help!

Just write about 150 words to definition「 毒男 」.but the paragraph should include some writing skills eg. example,Negation,Etymology,Synonym...etc


I try to think,but it s too much I don't know how to group the important informat in one paragra,plz help me rewrite!!!:

It means a teen to 20,male,social misfit,slob and a geek to hang out in society as an "eunuch"=u-nut; who is without power or influence in Japan politic.

Negation:-The opposite of something is the geek system in negation of being to welcome;Being disagree or refusal,he shakes his head in negation unpleasantly or unfriendly.He spends time being lazy and doing nothing as .he has no behaviour in social situation.Behaving as a tram boy,a homeboy, he has no confident,not good looking,ugly, obsessed with animation cartoon-comic,no social skill,inward bound, no character,no insight,and single.,no outgoing with girl friend,,no romantic,being a poisonous GF styled by going to web-site only.

Etymology:-The dictionary tells the study of origin and history of words and meanings.One example gives that,whether true or not, there are the geek boy the super fans ,eat,drink,shop,collect and obsess over every facet of Japanese comics, animated TV shows, movies,toys,and video games who also buys and hoards hard find collectibles,to blog latest release most obscure pop idols,and items.

Synonym:-The fact of 2 or more words or expressions having the same meaning has the following:-slob,geek,eunuch,non-social, obscure, a fallen idol, stupid, an idiot,(idiot boy) ; who is unpleasant and unfriendly when compared with illegal substance drug injected in HK by saying no to drugs as an "addict boy" or "drugged boy".


I know some information are not correct,plz rewrite in one paragraph

Update 2:

!!!! !!!!

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    本人於類似之問題有所敘述 請版大 參考

    !Poisonous man ": literally means single male,

    . has been the lack of ladies, that is, has no girlfriend. They have the high indexes of the sexy and wealth

    , so that become the single woman's poison.

    "Poisonous men" are certainly excellent; first- class,

    . saying about the men with low incomes ,

    low-grade ,and low EQ,

    . could not be promoted to the "poisonmen".

    There are not only getting poisonous men

    . but also getting poisonous women as well.

    Poisonous men are equal single- males whom are a group of

    . the same characteristics in society,however, that of which ,

    . they fell like themselves vulnerable in a noisy crowd,

    Poisonous man ending up his life

    . is to have searched his a real love forever.

    If you are named poisonous man ,

    what is you known compliments or aprank?That would must be to make on the upgraded version,

    . so keep your reputation!毒男”: 原意是指獨身男,一直缺乏女人緣,

    . 也就是一直都沒有女朋友 。 因為擁有較高的性感指數和財富指數



    . 那些收入低, 品位低 ,EQ 低的獨身男,無法晉升為“毒男”。 有毒男必有惡女。

    “獨男—毒男”,而是指有著共同特質的一類人,也 許在紛擾的人群中他們會感到弱勢,尋覓到人生的最愛才會結束“毒男”生活。




    Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings

    verb; "buy" and "purchase"

    adjective ; "big" and "large"

    adverb ; "quickly" and "speedily"

    preposition ; "on" and "upon"

    2.Examples;for example (縮寫 eg)例如; 譬如

    without example沒有先例3.Negation; denying 否認, 拒絕 ,不存在 . 4.Etymology;. 語源學 (英語:etymology,

    . 希臘語ετυμολογί α)

    . 是研究字詞來源 的 一 門 學 科 .5.Class/Formal definition ;

    Source(s): S. H. Chen系統工程酒師的居酒屋
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    1. 是神意思啊?


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