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Nicknames for Taylor or Serenity?

My name is Taylor and that's really common, I want to be called something unique. Any suggestions? My middle name is Serenity, if you've got a nickname for that as well, thanks!

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    Taylor: Tay, Tayla, Lori, Tay-Tay

    Serenity: Sennie, Rennie, Ren, Sen, Seren, Ennie

    Well, there're a million Ashleys around me, and I wanted a nickname, so what I actually did was take the name of my character in a novel I wrote, and people started calling me that. For a while, my friends actually called me Taylor after my character, and at that point, the only Taylor we had was this boy a grade below us so it was all fine at school. x) But then all my friends started calling each other by the name I gave the character that represented them in the novel and it got all complex so now we just all go by our regular names, like, almost none of us use nicknames anymore with each other.

    Well, that probably doesn't help you but I hope it made you smile!

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    Tay for Taylor and Rennie or Ren for Serenity. If you put them together you could go by Tayren :) Hope this helps, as those sound the prettiest out of all the possibilities.

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    You could use Tay or Lorrie for Taylor.

    Ser or Rennie for Serenity I guess?

  • 7 years ago

    Tay and sare

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