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NROTC Tier 3 Major Scholarship?

I have to decide between applying for a Navy NROTC scholarship or a marine option one! I'd prefer to go with the Navy option, but my problem is that I will be a political science/international relations major, which isnt anywhere in the neighborhood of tier 1. So I need to figure out whether I should take my chances and see if my creds are good enough to get me a Navy scholarship with a tier 3 major, or whether or not I should go with the Marine option and have a much better shot at the scholarship. (If I had to go Marine option, I would not be doing so halfheartedly). I'm also applying to the academy, which is my primary goal, but I still have to make this decision because i'm not going to assume i'll have any success with the academy application unless I actually do have success with it.

So here are my creds:

SAT - 2290

CR: 790

WR: 780

Math: 720

Weighted GPA: 4.10 out of 4.76

First decile (top 10% of class)

My high school is a very competitive public school in NY state, and we have had multiple guys going into service academies and NROTC dets within the past few years.


Cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track for all of high school, with varsity letters in each since sophomore year. I will continue these going into my senior year and will be cross country captain this fall.


Class President/student council for all four years

Student Adviser to the District Superintendent

National Honor Society (applying for a leadership position)

Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse (committee chairman)

Freshman Mentor

Spanish Language Club

Honors Societies in all departments except art, but I dont think most colleges take these very seriously.

Orchestra (I've played an instrument for 8 years now)

I'm not going to list every little club or involvement, but these are my major ones.


Long term volunteer at regional hospital, working as an assistant in the Pharmacy staff

Committee Chairman, Local Hospice Organization

Youth member of police department

Currently applying for a congressional internship this summer, I feel confident with this application

I know it's difficult to give advice on these "what are my chances" questions, but any insight into whether or not it would be remotely likely for me to receive a navy scholarship with a tier 3 major would be very greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much!

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    I can tell you exactly what the Navy Option board will tell you:

    Change that T3 to a T2 or make it an LREC and we'll talk. Otherwise, not happening.

    You would actually be competitive as a Marine Option, though.

    Source(s): Active-duty Navy and NROTC instructor
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    If the military considers that major as a Tier III...that should tell you something about the viability and worth of that major

    Just sayin

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