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is all coconut oil the same?

I wanna by coconut oil for my hair?? But i always see different kinds??? Which kind would be best or is it all the same!!! Coconut oil can be pricey so if its all the same i rather go with the cheapest...thx

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    Try the Parachute brand. In reality, coconut oil is coconut oil. I've been using it since I was little to nourish my hair. It really helps! ! It's good for both your hair, and your skin! I recommend putting it in and leaving it in overnight, not just for a few hours. It will penetrate better that way.

    This site has good instructions:

    Here is the Parachute one online:

    Just try any brand really, health food stores or ethnic stores (Indian, Korean, exc) usually carry it.

    Good luck! (:

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    With cocount oil, the old adage "you get what you pay for" is pretty true. Most all companies claim to be "unrefined, cold pressed, raw" but they don't even don't how the oil is processed. How cocount oil is processed is the key factor in how good the oil is.

    You want the oil to be processed as close to 115 degrees Fahrenheit or below. This constitutes a RAW product and will allow you to receive the greatest benefits coconut oil has to offer. Some oil out there is processed up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit!

    Heat breaks down the essential nutrients and enzymes that make coconut such a healthy source of saturated fat.

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    No its not all the same! I read a lot of posts about it, since I heard that it can help protect hair while bleaching. Last night I bleached, I was dark brown almost black and it pulled me up to light orange. My hair is pretty dry but otherwise held up well! I used a brand called Spectrum, its a 100% organic coconut oil and you can find it at Wal-Mart. It only cost around 6 dollars.

  • no it is not all the same I recommend getting it at whole foods that's where I get it it is cheapest there and you need to make sure you get extra virgin coconut oil or virgin coconut oil because it is best for our hair

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    I'm pretty sure its all the same. I apply coconut oil in my hair once a week, and every kind I've ever used always works pretty well

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    it is not all the same extra virgin and organic is different the cheapest will be just plain olive oil the organic stuff like whole foods and stuff will be more expensive

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