If there are no Indian Health Services available in my area, what are my other options for healthcare?

My significant other is a full blood Native American and according to National Treaty rights, he is supposed to receive free health care. We live in Tennessee which has a very low Native population and I was wondering what his options might be for health care. We are below poverty level and I was wondering if perhaps he would qualify for medicaid or in this state, Tenn Care.

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    Here is the facility in TN.

    Nashville Area

    Indian Health Service

    711 Stewarts Ferry Pike

    Nashville, TN 37214

    ignore the other guy since he knows nothing about natives. I'm surprised he didn't mention beavers again like he does in every post. Bet he does now.

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    7 years ago

    Really think you have no idea what your talking about there no treaty about providing any health care for any of the tribes We have supported many tribes for many many years is you husband even an enrolled member in any tribe? If yes talk to the tribal council

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