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我由八點開始食飯直至九點,九點我動係度食緊飯,係九點零分零一秒我無食飯,咁係我九點零分零二秒講"I had lunch from 8:00pm to

9:00pm today." 有無問題。


Jenkin,多謝你解答。但係我不太認同你所講既野,today就代示現在式。好似宜家係下午四點,我係今早八點至十點踢波,我就會講"I played football from 8:00am to 10:00am today."


十點零分零一秒個陣就會講"I have played football." ,我記得現在完成式可以用係剛剛完成既動作。

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    "I had dinner from 8:00pm to 9:00pm today." 冇錯.

    而你補充既上半部分都啱. 不過你話係十點零分零一秒講"I have played football." 就唔係好啱.

    任何係現在呢一秒之前發生既野通常係用simple past tense. 如果冇特別就唔需要用現在完成式. "I played football this morning." 就已經得, 唔駛搞到敢複雜. 除非戈樣野係人地委派你去做, or 要強調已經完成, or其他.

    下面有d例子, 希望你睇完明白多d.


    You're playing video games. Your mom comes into your room and stares at you.

    You say, "I've finished my homework!"

    or "I'm done with my homework!"

    強調你已經做完晒d功課, 可以玩video games. (現在完成式)


    A: I love the American drama you recommended! Have you watched the latest episode?

    B: Yes, I have! / Yes, I've watched it.

    你之前介紹俾我既drama (過去式).

    你睇左未. 已經睇左. (現在完成式)


    You're having dinner with your friend.

    Your friend asks you "What did you do today?"

    You say, "I had breakfast at McDonald's with my dad today. Then I went shopping with my mom. I got a dress and a pair of high heels for my graduation dance. And I bought a pink lipstick too! Then we went home. I took a shower, did some homework. And now I'm here having dinner with you. :)"

    你今日做左既野. (過去式)

    同你食緊飯. (現在進行式)


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    Why is present tense? because it has a time adv at the end of your sentence.

    That is not over a day time is 0, when you are speaking, it is still today.

    Jenkin is right.

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    文法上嚴格而言today係是present tense現在時態,所以雖然你在9:00pm已經食完飯再沒有繼續食,但是句式上仍應該寫成present perfect tense便可以表達時空上清楚讓人知道是今天的事。寫成past perfect tense錯誤在past是要在yesterday或之前己完成了的事才合文法情節。



    I have dinner from 8:00pm to 9:00pm today.

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