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I need to write about 150words essay to definition the「 毒男 」.

but I need to use some common methods in developing,


I try write something but....I know oo crazy.Can you help me to rewrite this definition!


Its name comes from japan and means boys who are not confident,not good-looking or obsessed with technology and animation etc.It regarded as similar to 'tram boy' and 'home boy'.Those person usually are single without social skills.He is someone who always not outgoing and too poisonons to get a girlfriend.



I try to search the internet...means







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    Not confident,not good looking,obsessed with technology and animation to be regarded as "tram boy and "home boy",single without social skills, inward natured and no relationship with any girl friend as a "geek"

    The extremely unpleasant or unfriendly "geek boy" should mean more:-

    Definition:-It means a teen to 20,male,social misfit,slob and a geek to hang out in society as an "eunuch"=u-nut; who is without power or influence in Japan politic.

    Negation:-The opposite of something is the geek system in negation of being to welcome;Being disagree or refusal,he shakes his head in negation unpleasantly or unfriendly.He spends time being lazy and doing nothing as .he has no behaviour in social situation.Behaving as a tram boy,a homeboy, he has no confident,not good looking,ugly, obsessed with animation cartoon-comic,no social skill,inward bound, no character,no insight,and single.,no outgoing with girl friend,,no romantic,being a poisonous GF styled by going to web-site only.

    Etymology:-The dictionary tells the study of origin and history of words and meanings.One example gives that,whether true or not, there are the geek boy the super fans ,eat,drink,shop,collect and obsess over every facet of Japanese comics, animated TV shows, movies,toys,and video games who also buys and hoards hard find collectibles,to blog latest release most obscure pop idols,and items.

    Synonym:-The fact of 2 or more words or expressions having the same meaning has the following:-slob,geek,eunuch,non-social, obscure, a fallen idol, stupid, an idiot,(idiot boy) ; who is unpleasant and unfriendly when compared with illegal substance drug injected in HK by saying no to drugs as an "addict boy" or "drugged boy".

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    think by your self la! good luck

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