What do I do if I am going to prom and have no friends?

Okay so I am being forced to go to prom and I have no friends, this is because I just ditched the ones I sat with at lunch. Even if I did start hanging out with them again I doubt they are going to prom and even if they did they wpuld ignore me like always or make me look bad by making me seem to be a certain type of girl that I am not. I just don't want to be a bore. Like he is being to drag me to prom just to sit there because I do not know him well and I cant dance in front of people or I WILL cry out of embarassment. I dont know why but I lose all rhythm I have when I am in front of people. I didn't even wanted to got to prom, it has been ruining everyday of mine for a whole month... OH MY GOSH! I am going to his prom too which means I will have to actually socialize with his friends or dance. I have never even been to a school dance before and all the parties I go to I just sit on the sidelines and watch people dance.

I hate to be ms. Typical teenage drama queen here but I am really stressed about it, I hate punishing people for trying to help me. I was already beating myself up for not having enough courage to talk to a single guy this year to atleast increase my chances of getting one of those prom proposals I have wanted since freshman year. -.- I hate prom and the people who thought of it. Isn't it a couples thing anyways?!

Please help me! Anything any tip should help, please no sarcasm. Even if you just tell me what goes down at prom would help. Ugh what if I have to go to the after party?! I dont twerk!!! HELP! S.O.S.


I am starting to wonder... should I just hang out with them to make sure I have some people to talk to, I mean they are fun and all but... not really pg

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  • 6 years ago
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    How are you being forced to prom? Only thing i can think of is parents which is crazy because around here (NYC) prom is more known for the hooking up done afterwards/towards the end of it outside in the parking lot/at after party/school bathroom its like a giant orgy i could never imagine parents forcing their daughter to go to one lol.

    If you really don't want to go just refuse to do it. Whats the worst that can happen? Grounded? Thats assuming its your parents forcing you. If you do end up going then if i were you i'd just smoke a joint sit back and let it fly by but if you aren't into that kind of thing then i pray for your soul. I would just refuse to go...my life my rules pce.

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