What are some cool hatchbacks and station wagons?

I want either form of vehicle with some sort of fun behind the wheel. And best if it's reliable!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I've had a lot of hot- hatches and station wagons. They are versatile cars that aren't SUV size and good on gas. On the small hatch side, Some good ones are the GTI or Golf, the Audi a3, the Subaru WRX, the Mini Cooper S, the Dodge Caliber SRT4, the Chevy Sonic RS, and the Honda Civic.

    On the wagon side, some ones I like are the audi a6 Advant, the Mercedes E Class Wagon, the Cadillac CTS Wagon, the BMW 5 Series Wagon, the VW Passat Wagon, and the Jetta TDI Sport wagon.

    I am a dealer, and have owned most of the cars I mentioned above. My favorite hatch is the VW GTI, they are super fun to drive, they're fast, sporty, and reliable. On the wagon side, I am torn between the Jetta TDI SportWagon, and the BMW 5 Series Wagon.

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    Cool Hatchbacks

  • 7 years ago

    Unfortunately American car buyers don't appreciate hatchbacks or wagons so very few of them are sold in the USA.

    The Ford Focus and Fiesta are two of the best hatchback built. So is the VW GTI. I used to love the MazdaSpeed3 but those are discontinued and the new Mazda3 is butt ugly.

    VW makes a great Jetta wagon, Audi still makes a wagon. Mercedes and Volvo still make wagons.

  • 7 years ago

    What's your budget? Are you getting new or used?

    But to give you an idea of cool hot hatches:

    Brand new:

    Volkswagen GTi

    Mazda 3 GT

    Subaru WRX hatchback

    Ford Focus ST


    Honda CRX

    Acura Integra

    Honda Civic hatchback

    everything else that was mentioned

    Station wagon:

    Audi RS4 Avant

    Volvo 850R

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  • 7 years ago

    mini cooper S

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