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Horse randomly reared at me?

I work at a barn and the other day I was leading a horse out to the paddock. Nothing was out of the ordinary and nothing was around that could have spooked him but out of nowhere he started rearing and striking at me with his hooves.

If you knew this horse you'd know that is NOT him, he's a very very calm and gentle horse. Any idea as to what could have caused this? He hasn't acted up since then so I'm just kind of confused?


No snakes, no bees , no wasps...we're currently covered in over 2 feet of snow....

I wasn't using a stud chain, we were walking to his friends but they were still out of sight and they were all quietly eating.

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  • zakiit
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    7 years ago
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    Horse's hearing is by far more acute than a human. He could have heard something that you did not. Or he might have been been excited to go out in the cold and he was feeling cold and fresh!

  • Gwyn
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    7 years ago

    How do horses choose a strong leader in the wild? they rear at each other and prove their strength. all horses, even "nice" horses are animals of instict and want a leader they trust. if they don't trust you because you are inconsistent or nagging, then they will challenge you. This horse challenged you. I sure hope you reacted like him. there are two reactions: run and choose to be lower, or challenge back, and don't back down. horses react physically, so your reaction should have been to "rear" back, or in other words, smack him with whatever you had with you on his chest, and make him back off, then do some ground work with him.

    horses don't, if ever, usually spook by rearing. they show the whites of their eyes, put their head up, and they run as fast as they can. unless they choose to fight, but this is only when they are cornered, and unless they are in a space as small as they, they choose to run...This was a challenge to you, react appropriately.

    And I'm sorry, animals are not random, they are just not understood, such as in the case of body language, or people aren't watching closely enough to understand the reaction.

  • Finley
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    7 years ago

    There was something that scared him at that very moment.

    Maybe there was a snake that you didn't see.

    Maybe you are using a stud chain and it hurt him badly.

    Maybe He got stung by a bee or a wasp.

    Maybe he saw his buddy or heard his buddy screaming and decided right then he wanted to be with his buddy.

    The thing is, to YOU it seemed random, to the Horse? Not random. He had his reason.

    If he's always calm, then it might have been a pain related thing or the snake or other predator sighting.


    It could have been something he saw.

    Horses are much more sensitive to little stuff than humans are.

    They see a lot more detail than we do.

    Or it could have been he was in a hurry to get to the other horses especially since they were out of sight. He could still hear them and smell them. (his hearing and sense of smell is stronger than a human's)

    Point is,...if he's never ever done this EVER EVER EVER.... and he's always 100% a perfect citizen, then it was just a sudden pain/spook at ?? or he wanted to get to his friends in a hurry.

    I suggest asking someone knowledgable to walk with you the next few times to see if there is anything around that area to worry about.


    Unless he actually turned to FACE you and he actually tried to hit you with his front feet... he wasn't rearing AT you. He was just rearing. Most horses will rear and they have to move their front feet in the air to keep their balance (to keep from falling over). It's not personal. Not directed at you in this case.

    If he did face you and did try to hit you with his front feet, then you did something "wrong" to cause him to resent or fear you.

  • Beau
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    7 years ago

    Maybe he stepped on something sharp or something spooked him that you couldn't see? Maybe you made a noise he didn't like- my horse freaks out if I blow a rasberry or sneeze.

    Unless he's doing this behaviour frequently, it doesn't sound like a respect issue and you say he hasn't done it again so I wouldn't be worried.

    If he starts threatening to rear again, move his back legs to prevent him going up. You're lucky he didn't catch you if he was striking.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Could be a health issue. If this keeps going on you might want to get a vet to look at him. Sometimes if a horse has a hook on its tooth for example, it could bother him and he might start acting up because thats the only way it can communicate with people through body language if not well a horse is a horse and they act weird sometimes.

  • 7 years ago

    Where you wearing something bright or different that they hadn't seen before. Sometimes my horse gets in a little tiffy when I wear something new, she looks at me like I'm a monster and walks backwards and won't let me touch her. After a few minutes when she realises that it won't halm her and its only me she's back to her old self. Just worth a thought. It could also be all the other things that others have mentioned :) don't take it too personally if he never does it or has done it after :)

  • 7 years ago

    Could be a reaction to almost anything, if he does it again you'll be able to look at common factors that might be causing it.

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