Rangers' Chris Woods Still Has The British Shut Out Record?

There seems to some confusion over this, some Tims on here are saying Fraser Forster has beaten it.

I think I'm correct in saying Forster equalled the record held by Bobby Clark today, and will beat his record if he manages another 30 minutes against Hearts next week.

This has nothing to do with Chris Woods' consecutive record. Forster has conceded goals against Barcelona and Aberdeen, meaning he fell short of getting close.

Fraser Forster's consecutive record was 10 games. (conceded in his 11th v. Aberdeen)

Chris Wood's consecutive record was 12 games (conceded in his 13th v. Hamilton)



@Boom, you are correct in saying Forster has gone more League games than Woods without conceding, but that doesn't break any records. It just makes you sound rather petty.

Narrowing it down to "Old Firm" means absolutely nothing when it comes to records.

As it stands, Bobby Clark has the "League" record in Scotland, Edwin Van der Sar has the "League" record in England, Fraser Forster has his own wee private "the best at Celtic" record.

Chris Woods' record has still to be beaten !!

Update 2:

@Tatty, Charlie Shaw's record is highly disputed, that is why it is never quoted as fact, except by Celtic fans.

Update 3:

And why didn't you correct Dan for posting his Fraser Forster pish?

Update 4:

Charlie Shaw -The record was not measured the way that it is today, with the time after the first goal and the time before the last goal not being counted. Charlie Shaw's record cannot be held up as being trustworthy. On the other hand, Chris Woods' can.

Update 5:

@Boom, hows that? I've explained myself very well, and my point stands up.

@Boom, @Tatty, so when Forster is widely reported next week as breaking the Scottish League record next week against Hearts, will you be telling everyone he hasn't? Nah, didn't think so.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Uck just let them have their wee "records", Bill... they know they'll never beat the one that Rangers have... 54 league titles and counting.

  • 7 years ago

    I think we should all just praise Fraser Forster for his achievement in general Iv no idea who holds the record for longest time unbeaten whether its forster, woods or shaw we can all agree its a great feat for any goalkeeper to do.

  • Stu
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    7 years ago

    Fraser Forster is only keeping clean sheets due to the fact that the teams in the SPFL aren't challenging Celtic & without Rangers

    Whilst Chris Woods was keeping clean sheets even with Celik!

  • Rob
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    The Celtic fans on here are like MP's.

    Just keep manipulating the numbers until it suits you.

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  • Tatty
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    7 years ago

    Yes, there is always a lot of confusion over things like this, which unfortunately you continue to add to, in a desire to promote your own team. Do the research, rather than just posting shite trying to make your own team look good.

    Bobby Clarks 1,155mins record, was just for League games, which Van Der Sar beat in 2009 with 1,311mins. Forster is apparently on 1,125mins at present.

    Woods 1,196mins was for all competitions, but he never actually held the record. Charlie Shaw of Celtic has and still holds the record, with 1,287mins.

    Raith Rovers 1-2 Celtic League Sat 13 Dec 1913 66mins (Raith scored in the 24th minute)

    Celtic 0-0 Motherwell League Sat 20 Dec 1913 90mins

    Ayr United 0-6 Celtic League Sat 27 Dec 1913 90mins

    Celtic 4-0 Rangers League Thu 01 Jan 1914 90mins

    Partick Thistle 0-0 Celtic League Sat 03 Jan 1914 90mins

    Clyde 0-1 Celtic League Mon 05 Jan 1914 90mins

    Celtic 4-0 Dumbarton League Sat 10 Jan 1914 90mins

    Dundee 0-1 Celtic League Sat 17 Jan 1914 90mins

    Celtic 1-0 Airdrieonians League Sat 24 Jan 1914 90mins

    St Mirren 0-3 Celtic League Sat 31 Jan 1914 90mins

    Clyde 0-0 Celtic Scottish Cup Sat 07 Feb 1914 90mins

    Celtic 2-0 Clyde Scottish Cup Tue 10 Feb 1914 90mins

    Celtic 3-0 Greenock Morton League Sat 14 Feb 1914 90mins

    Forfar Athletic 0-5 Celtic Scottish Cup Sat 21 Feb 1914 90mins

    Falkirk 1-0 Celtic League Sat 28 Feb 1914 51mins (Falkirk scored in the 51st minute)

    Highly disputed by who, thick cnuts like you and other Huns? It's there in black and white, check the games, add up the times, it's not fcuking rocket science!

    I didn't even read Dans and it's closed. You are more concerned with bigging up your own team, than telling the truth! Just because they didn't measure it that way back then, doesn't change or alter the minutes he went unbeaten, FFS just do the arithmetic! Are you as stupid as you are making out here?

    He clearly kept 13 consecutive clean sheets (10 League & 3 Cup) 1,170mins, plus the 66mins from the Raith game and the 51mins from the gives me, you or fcuking anybody 1,287mins.

    You are thick as fcuk. If he goes 31mins against Hearts, he will have the Scottish League record. Charlie Shaw only went 1,017mins unbeaten in the League, he get's 270mins from the 3 SC ties.

    Rob: It's actually called telling the truth. You're just another thick cnut, that let's his bitterness get in the way of what's true. Bunch of fcuking cretins the lot of you, you keep believing what you want, i'll keep believing the truth.

    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    sons of struth demand the truth hahaha you get the truth handed to you by tatty and you go straight into denial mode. guess when you get used to something its hard to break the habit

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