WWE Universe Mode Fantasy PPV presents SuperBrawl at Toyko Dome (Rate the PPV) + WQ Inside?

Current Champions:

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Bret Hart

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Eddie Guerrero

WWE United States Championship: The Great Muta

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Rock and Steve Austin

WWE Hardcore Championship: Hardcore Holly

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Dean Malenko

WWE Divas Championship: Michelle McCool

Money in the Bank winner: Shawn Michaels

Royal Rumble winner: Undertaker


SuperBrawl at Toyko Dome Kickoff:- (C) Tommy Dreamer (Face) vs. Hardcore Holly (Heel) vs. Big Boss Man (Face). Extreme Rules Match. This is a one brutal match, but Holly picks up the win after Holly Alabama Slam on Dreamer to win the match the Hardcore title. ( 7:47)

Promo 1- The Pay-Per-View begins with recaps from previous WWE Weekly. PPV's. Jerry Lawler: Its going to be one hell of a night because the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart will defend his title against Ric Flair Match. Jim Ross: Sting will Great Muta for the Main Event tonight (Elimination Chamber Qualification match). Jim Ross: Enjoy the show.

Match 1- Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara (Face) vs. Jushin "Thunder" and Ultimto Dragon (Face). This is a great Tag Team match Mysterio and Sin Cara won the match after Mysterio 619 on Ultimo. ( 8:00) .

Match 2- (C) Michelle McCool (Heel) vs. Chyna (Face). Good Match and Chyna knocked the referee out by mistake. When the Ref got back up and Chyna argue the Ref and Chyna was disqualified and McCool won the match via DQ Retains the Diva's Title. (9:50)

Match 3- (C) Dean Malenko (Heel) vs.Tajiri (Face). Tajiri was tapped out with the Texas Cloverleaf Submission Hold from Malenko, Malenko won the match via Submission and retains the Cruiserweight Title. (10:00). Another great Match.

Promo 2- Renee Young interviews Shawn Michaels. Okerlund: Shawn Michaels what are your predictions for Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker? Shawn Michaels: My Predictions is I will beat Undertaker at Hell in a Cell tonight since I defeated Taker in the First Hell in a Cell but Taker defeated me at WrestleMania Twice. I will do it differently tonight. WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT!? HBK walks off.

Match 4- Christian (Face) vs. Chris Benoit (Face). Elimination Chamber Qualification Match. Winner = Chris Benoit after the Crippler Crossface on Christian and Benoit Advanced to the Elimination Chamber match. (12:00). Good Match. EC Qualification Match will continue to spread tonight

Match 5- Los Guerreros (Faces) vs. Real Americans (Faces). Winners = Los Guerreros after Chavo hits the Gory Bomb on Cesaro. (11:41). Good but Decent Match.

Match 6- Shawn Michaels (Face) vs. Undertaker (Face). Hell in a Cell Match. That is a one Hell of the match inside the Cell and Blooded mess too. Undertaker won by Submission with a Hell's Gate A Excellent match. (20:08).

Post Match- HBK and Taker Shakes hand for a good sportsmanship..

Match 7- 15 Man Battle Royal to qualify Elimination Chamber. Winner = CM Punk. CM Punk last eliminated Daniel Bryan. (27:14).

Amazing Match.

Promo 3- The Mega powers. Savage: Ooh Yeah! The Mega Powers are the Tag Team Champions. Once Again I will do the pin tonight and Austin and Rock will be fired right on the... (Hogan Snatches the mic) Hogan: JUST SHUT UP ALREADY! JUST GO ON AND DO IT WHATEVER YOU WANT!.

Match 8- (C) The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin (Faces) vs. The Mega Powers (Faces). Winner = Austin and Rock. When Savage turn on Hogan and left him behind. While Stone Cold Stunners on Hogan to win the Tag Team titles. But Rock and Austin doesn't seen to happy (27:14). Another Amazing Match. Also, Stone Cold and The Rock Advanced to the Elimination Chamber.

Promo 4- Backstage with Bret "Hitman" Hart and Paul Heyman.

Heyman talks about what happened last week when Taker showed up and Bret Hart walked out. Heyman Says: Don't worry, Bret My team got you back "The Heyman Family". Bret Hugs Heyman.

Match 9- (C) Bret "Hitman" Hart (Heel) vs. Ric Flair (Face). Winner = Bret Hart. After Bret Hart locked in to the Sharpshooter and make Flair Tapped out. Bret Hart Retains the WWE World Heavyweight Title (30:00). Another Excellent Match.

Post Match: The Heyman Family (Owen, Bulldog, Rude, and Mr. Perfect) and Four Horsemen (Arn, Ole, Tully, and Windham) Brawling at the ring and 10 of the securites breaking out the fight.

Main Event- Sting (Face) vs. The Great Muta (Heel). Winner = Sting. After finishes of the Scorpion Death Drop on Muta. (35:00). Amazing Main Event Match.

Post match: Sting helds the USA flag for a Celebration and But Muta and Fuji turned on Bearer after the Fuji threw Salt and Muta Green Mist on Bearer and walks off. Jim Ross: was one hell of the match. Good Night, everybody and we see you at Elimination Chamber.

End of PPV

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WQ- Will Bret Hart beat the other 5 Participants in the Elimination Chamber match?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Thanks for remembering my answer and thanks for showing the respect for my promos. Taker michaels was the best and best promo was heyman-hitman promo.

    I also think u decide all the promos and give us the opportunity to complete the promos that will help the fans to develop their promo skills which will help them in e feds.

    the ppv gets a full 10/10 from me and u know all the ratings for the matches too as u already gave the sentences according to the ratings.

    WQ: let bret fight every body and then we will decide but still bret has a good chance of retaining due to his talent and the family further bret has been a champion from more than 15 ppvs (if u include his reign from the time when he only held the wwe title) so let's see his reign. He might be longest reigning champ in the ppv mode.

    Source(s): I'm a big fan of pro wrestling.
  • 7 years ago

    I love reading your stuff, man. I'm so into e-feds, it's taking me over. Ha, proud of it.

    But keep posting your fantasy wrestling, it's a good read.

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