Are Our Birth Charts Compatible? (Synastry). Gemini sun and Libra sun?

This is our synastry chart:

Here's the link to our composite chart:

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    7 years ago
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    It is not the signs that create attraction, compatibility, or discord.

    It is the aspects (the synastry) between all the planets in one chart and all the planets in the other.

    First we look for a strong bond to keep them together.

    I don't see the tradtitional "lasting bond" between your two charts, and would likely say it won't last more than 2 years.

    But you two seem to have close-to-the-same Ascendants and house cusps ... your synastry chart doesn't show the degrees of the Ascendants, so they may or may be in aspect with each other.

    It is very rare for a relationship to last without one person having their Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars conjunct or opposition the other person's Ascendant .. and you two do not have this between your charts.

    I have only seen ONE instance, in 40 years of doing chart comparisons, where the couple had the same Ascendant (within a few degrees of the same sign) without the planetary conjunctions, and their love lasted.

    Perhaps you two will be the second instance.

    But I would not hold my breath if I were you.

    It won't be an easy relationship.

    Moon conjunct Venus is good. It creates affection and a sweetness between the two of you.

    Sun trine Sun and Sun trine Mercury are good .. better for friendships than for love. But can help give friendship in a relationship.

    However, love is only 11% of what makes a relationship work ... what can wreck a relationship is if the negative aspects aren't handled well.

    Since all relationships have some negative aspects, it falls on the individuals to have sufficient emotional maturity and relationship skills to overcome the challenges .. and that is not shown by the chart.

    But the chart can show how difficult the negative aspects are.

    Moon square Mercury creates difficult coordinating your lives in a smooth manner and this creates problems.

    Mars square Uranus and Mars square Neptune creates simply awful fights, very explosive, and some serious misunderstandings between the two of you.

    It will take excellent communication, and the emotional courage to be open and honest . and a lot of emotional stability for both of you, in order for this relationship to last longer than a few years.

    As for the composite chart .. that's not really about how you and they relate. The composite is about the relationship .. how OTHERS see the two of you. For instance, if you were running for Senator, and they were at your side, how would the public see the two of you?

    A lot of websites throw in stuff that isn't very significant or important .. hey, if they have MORE, it must be better, right? Not necessarily.

    Composite charts are useful, but not in showing how you two get along.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes compatible go for it.

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