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Help with a couple of questions on the supreme court case Plessy v. Ferguson?

1. What does reading Justice Brown’s decision and Justice Harlan’s dissent tell you about

how the Supreme Court debated and decided this case? Was the court’s decision primarily

on the interpretation of legal issues or was it decided based on social and cultural factors?

2. Did the justices disagree on the ability of the law to remake Southern society in the

aftermath of the Civil War? How do we know this?

3. Did the justices disagree about what post-Civil War America would look like with respect

to relations between white and black Americans?

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    Sounds like it was decided base.d on social and cultural factors.

    Of course the justices disagreed. It was not a unanimous vote.

    Futhermore, argued Harlan, the decision would poison relations between the races.

    "What can more certainly arouse race hate, what more certainly create and perpetuate a feeling of distrust between these races, than state enactments, which, in fact, proceed on the ground that colored citizens are so inferior and degraded that they cannot be allowed to sit in public coaches occupied by white citizens? That, as all will admit, is the real meaning of such legislation."

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