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what does mean SaaS , Iaas ?


am reading about cloud computing and there is those terms SaaS , IaaS

so what they mean , would someone like to explain I will be thankful

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    SaaS - software as a service

    IaaS - infrastructure as a service

  • When referring to SaaS it means Software as a Service. Companies that offer software as a service provide companies with logins so that they can access specific software applications from anywhere they have internet access. IaaS on the other hand is a virtual server that companies can access via the web and they can do anything from installing applications, software, data, host email or websites, and more. Some SaaS services are hosted on IaaS clouds such as when a quickbooks reseller hosts a quickbooks on an IaaS cloud and sells access to customers as a SaaS.

    The glossary below will help you understand more terms like these.

    IT Glossary :

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    IaaS(Infrastructure as a service), as the name suggests, provides you the computing infrastructure, physical or (quite often) virtual machines and other resources like virtual-machine disk image library, block and file-based storage, firewalls, load balances, IP addresses, virtual local area networks etc. Examples : Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, Rack space

    Saas(Software as a service) model you are provided with access to application softwares often referred to as on-demand softwares. You don't have to worry about the installation, setup and running of the application. Service provider will do that for you. You just have to pay and use it through some client. Examples : Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365.

    for more details check this link

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    SaaS - software as a service

    IaaS - infrastructure as a service


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