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    There was ten suns in olden times,the people have no idea to make a living and planting.Then it comes a hero who named Empress Yi.He ordered one sun has to get set and rise punctually.He won the people's love and esteem and married a beautiful bride who named Chang E.He was happy every day and taught a lot of pupils,but one day,the Heavenly Queen Mother gave Chang E a medicine that will never die.One of the pupils,Pom Mo saw the medicine and want to stole it.Chang E was too scared and she took the medicine,so she flew to the sky to be a celestial.Empress Yi was very mad and sad after knew that,he ran after the moon,but it doesn't worked,so he gave up and missed his wife every day.

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    It is said that when the ancient ten suns, times of hardship, no way to grow plants, and later there was a hero Hou Yi, shot down nine suns his bravery, and commands a sun rise and fall time, people love to win, but then after Yi married a beautiful wife, Chang E, lived a happy day every day, then there are a lot of people have come to study with a teacher, one of the apprentices, Peng Meng, he once saw the Queen Mother gave Hou Yi Chang E elixir in there, Abduction would not try to steal hearts, so he put under the Chang E elixir are swallowed, and finally flew to heaven immortal, very angry and sad after Hou know, desperately chasing the moon all fail to recover after giving up, miss him every day his wife

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