What does this "debit/hold on/ in my bank account transactions mean?! Please help!!?

So earlier this week I deposited my monthly income check ($1,780) into my bank account and last night after I was done having Valentine's Day dinner with my mom, my card was declined and would not charge so I got on my Bank of America mobile app to see what the issue was and there was NEGATIVE -$1,400 just GONE. I don't know what the hell happened or why but there was a transaction that said "DEBIT/HOLD ON - Processing -$1,780". So basically my check that I deposited the other day, the bank just took all my money away from me or something?! I don't know why the **** or how this happened but I need some answers!! Please and thank you!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sounds to me like the check wasn't cleared yet.

    Banks are doing all kinds of crap to charge you penalties, including taking the maximum amount of time to clear a check so you over draft. Bank of America is one of the worst, Wells Fargo is just as bad.

  • 7 years ago

    the money is probably still in there subject to a clearance period. in Australia, it takes 3 business days to clear a deposited cheque.. don't know full circumstances. ask your bank.

  • Jo
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    7 years ago

    You want answers? The bank is where to get answers on what is happening on your account.

    Could be someone got ahold of your account and took money out.

    If that is so - then you have to report fraud to the bank.

    So call the bank already.

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