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Can someone help me with hair dye?

Awhile back I ombréd my hair. The stylist straight out bleached it because nothing would show up. I then dyed it a darker brown a few months later because the ombre didn't blend. Eventually it faded to an my almost natural color. I was then stupid and dyed it again, hoping to get the same dark brown, but the stylist turned it black. Now I want the black gone, and was hoping to take it out with the vitamin c method, which removes color. Does anyone know if I do the vitamin c method will my hair turn back to bleach blonde or fade to a lighter brown?

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    Here's a list of the Top 10 Foods Highest in Vitamin C

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    If Vitamin C can remove hair dye with shampoo, imagine what SUPPLEMENTS can do to our bodies!

    Chemicals must need other CHEMICALS to remove CHEMICALS.

    Chemicals can enter the body through the skin.

    > > > Hair dye chemicals linked to cancer

    London, Feb 20, 2013 I've been saying that since 2009.

    Hair dyes, which include home hair colouring kits and those used at pricey salons, are linked to deadly cancer-causing chemicals, warn scientists. In 2009 the Mail revealed that women who used hair dyes more than nine times a year had a 60% greater risk of contracting blood cancer.

    A year later the European Commission banned 36 hair dyes which put long-term users at risk of bladder cancer. < < < <

    Google: Teen 'feared she would die' after reaction to hair dye

    The allergic reaction was caused by a well-known brand of semi-permanent hair dye Chloe used to turn her hair black for a Hallowe’en party. . . . . called for beauty bosses to ban hair dye chemical PPD (para-phenylenediamine) from the shelves. 11-04-11

    The chemical is not new and is present in a number of brands of dark hair colours, acting to help adhere the dye to the hair so that it doesn't wash out. It’s made from coal tar and is used in both permanent and semi-permanent hair colours. It’s well-known to be a cause of serious allergic reactions -- including something called contact dermatitis which can lead to rashes, blisters, and open sores.

    PPD is sometimes added to black henna tattoos and that using them is not safe. Allergic reactions usually begin within two to 10 days following application. One bad reaction can lead to sensitivities to other products such as hair dye, sunblock and some types of clothing dyes. Oftentimes, it's using the product a second or third time. Skin specialist Najjia Ashraf reveals that there are barely any dyes that don’t contain this toxin; even the ones who claim they don’t, are not being honest. “Big brands often escape the blame by suggesting they are ammonia-free. However, ammonia and PPD are two very different things and PPD is present in nearly every dye because it is what gives off the colour,” she explains.

    Permanent black hair dye is linked to causing leukemia and lymphomas.

    SOLUTION: How to LIGHTEN HAIR from hair dyes:…

    Overlapping hair dyes:;_ylt=Ah_IG...

    Source(s): Google & search for Hair Dye & Relaxers. Google: Hair Dye FAQ's Are Hair Dyes Safe? I stand up for cancer. No allergies here, OR hair falls when I was dyeing my hair, but I had frequent migraines, the 1st one lasted 14 hours. My mom & sister also have breasts cancer, and I'm trying to be chemical-free as much as I can and watch what I put in my body. Mom started perming our hair in the 60's. Mom had bloody noses for 75 years, and doctors didn't know why, but she was diagnosed by age 89. Sister had double mastectomy by age 35, but she's been cancer free since the early 90's
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    Its always worth a try! Try it, and if it fails, oh well.

    I suggest dying your hair on your own! Buy a kit from any local drugstore or ULTA (i buy mine at walgreens) Its so simple, and you can choose the color you end up getting.

    There are also a billion of products to take the color out of your hair. Try them! And if worse comes to worse, dye it a totally new color! Red? Deep purple? Dirty blonde?

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