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Christians: do other Christians ever accuse you of being an atheist if they don't agree with you?

I'm an atheist, and I have a problem. There are a lot of things that other atheists believe that I strongly disagree with.

For example, I don't buy the "Jesus is plagiarized from other gods," theories, and I think the case for a historical Jesus is convincing. I don't think someone being religious automatically makes them stupid, nor do I think that someone being an atheist automatically makes them smart. I don't think religion is the cause of all the problems in the world, and even the problems that are directly associated with it are usually more complex than "My God is better than your God, and I'm going to kill you to prove it."

So, I try to challenge other atheists on some of the more common assumptions that persist in our "community", if you can call it that. And whenever I do, one or more brainless sh*theads with no reasonable, logical, or evidential arguments will chime in accusing me of being a brainwashed Christian. You know, despite the fact that a common mantra among atheists is "The only thing we have in common is that we don't believe in God!" Until we disagree with each other, and then one of us must be a "secret Christian".

I am not the only atheist this happens to by a long shot. I've been here for many, many years and I even see well-known regulars get hit with this accusation the second they say something that an angry anti-theist doesn't agree with.

So, does this ever happen to you guys? I mean, I know that some Christians like to pull out the "No True Scotsman" a lot and accuse other Christians of not really being Christians. But has anyone ever accused you of actually being an atheist just because they didn't like your opinions? Because I'm wondering if this problem is unique to atheists.


@Glu††øղ ƒøℜ Puи! $hMєNT ☺†☺ - If you want to discuss that particular topic in detail, my email is, and it's also my Yahoo! Messenger ID. That discussion would make this question a mile long if I posted my reasons for it here.

Update 2:

@Marc Antoine Muret - You had an opportunity to provide verifiable evidence for those claims on my last question, and just like on this one you chose instead to throw out trite cliches and back-handed insults. I can pretty much guarantee you I'm more well read on this topic than you are. Maybe you should take some of your own advice and get some education.

Update 3:

@SupaStar - That is not what this question is about. Fine. In VERY short, I think that the historical interpolations of the available historical texts, which include the non-canonical Gospels, point to the existence of an actual human being who the mythological Jesus was based on. I also find some of the obvious alterations and forgeries made from the earliest versions of the Christian writings to be extremely suspect, as they go out of their way to try and make the mythological Jesus fulfill certain Old Testament prophecies that the historical Jesus could not have. For instance, making Mary and Joseph go back to Bethlehem when Jesus was born in Nazareth for a census that never took place. This makes no sense if he never existed. The Messiah was supposed to be born in Bethlehem according to prophecy. If he was a purely fictional character, why not just make up a story where he was ALREADY born in Bethlehem?

The Argument from Silence for the lack of contemporary extra-biblical records

Update 4:

is also not valid, as we have no such records for a multitude of things from history. Record keeping was spotty at best, and the majority of the population in the ancient world was illiterate. Even most well known historical figures do not have the kind of extensive records detailing their lives that some atheists demand for the existence of Jesus. And I'm talking about people who were way wealthier and more influential than some crazy street preacher from Galilee. You would never demand the same level of evidence for anyone is history who wasn't Jesus. And the standards of evidence for determining what happened are not the same as in science. For good reason. You can't repeat history to verify it like you would a scientific theory. Once something happens, it's over. It becomes a crime scene, not a lab experiment.

There. Satisfied? That's the extremely short version. You also just lost your opportunity for Best Answer by being petulant. I was going to give it to yo

Update 5:

you, but you decided that it was extremely important to force me to justify something that this question had nothing to do with.

You're lucky I already know you and like you, because that was irritating as hell.

Update 6:

""@Marc Antoine Muret - You had an opportunity to provide verifiable evidence for those claims ........"

...which, of course, makes you a hypocrite for doing the EXACT SAME THING here"


This question is not about my reasons for thinking that a historical Jesus existed. In fact, neither was my last one. I don't have to justify any off-topic answers, but I did it anyway just to shut you up. Are you such a thick-skulled imbecile that you can't see that?

If I wanted to have that discussion, I would have posted a question about it. And I have posted questions about it. Multiple questions over that last 2 years I've had this particular account. And I'm more than happy to have that discussion with anyone who want to get into a SERIOUS examination of the facts, outside of this insipid format.

You know what? You're off my contacts. Seriously. You're not blocked, but you are completely insufferable, and

Update 7:

I can prove that you're a immature little snot. And all I need to do is link to your answer if I ever need to prove that to someone. All I said was that I think it's convincing, not a ROCK SOLID case. But I'm not allowed to have an opinion, right? You're pretty much exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to obnoxious, arrogant, idiotic atheists. You are everything that is wrong with the atheist community,

Update 8:

I never claimed to be able to prove anything. Please, point to where I EVER said that in my question "officer". Show me where I said "I can prove there was a historical Jesus". Come on. Do it.

But no, you decided that wasn't good enough, and decided to interrogate me like I just claimed I had scientific proof for the existence of God or something.

Know what Supa? You're a b*tch. Seriously.

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    I've never been called an atheist to my face, but I'm sure it's been said under one's breath. That's because I'm Christian in the barest sense of the word only, am extremely liberal, and agree with the atheists more often than not. You've seen me here, so I suppose you already knew that...

    I have been called ignorant and brain dead, although I am anything but. Back in the day, friends referred to me as a walking encyclopedia (they meant this to be snarky) ... That happened back in my atheist days. I had a thirst for knowledge, wanted so badly to be a paleontologist, became a mother instead, but did eventually become a storm chaser because I am so enamored with the weather. I've also had a novella published, and have spent many wonderful days digging for fossils with my children. My garage has a shelf reserved for the many we found...

    I'm not stupid by any means, yet allow me to say that I am a believer and I am either immediately accused of having been angry at God, and so was never a true atheist... Or, I am asked (and I kid you not) "What happened? You used to be so sensible." Talk about offensive remarks and false friends. For the record, I was an atheist until just a few years ago.

    The offensive remarks and misunderstandings seem to come from all sides, my friend. Thankfully, most people are decent and don't really care what another believes so long as no one is harmed. However, you'll still come across a few rabid Christians or militant atheists who give all of us a bad name, as you have found. Tiring, isn't it?

    Over the past eight years on this site I have been both atheist and believer. There have been remarks made by all camps which were so offensive in nature that I've wanted to just pull up stakes and switch sides. Anyway, those who are blatantly anti-theist or anti-atheist are the ones who do not represent you, me, nor the rest of us, so I choose to give their rantings little or no credibility. I would hope that society does the same, but these are the squeaky wheels who get the most attention and threaten us all. And that is frightening, indeed.

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    I would image so, I've been called a liberal (or a sheepster dung pile....O_O) because I disagree with this or that. Like when some guy advocated using illegal immigrants for live target practice.

    Or when I say 'trickle down economics do not work'. look the way I see it. Anytime someone disagrees with someone else POV or opinion, they tend to take offence to that, and call you all types of things. We can all agree to disagree, but we don't have to resort to name calling.

    <Edit> Why do I get the feeling this is not going to go well.

    Definitely not ending well. I guess our disbelief in god is the only thing we have in common. Watching this back and forth (do not take offence to this) is proof of that.

    Source(s): ~Humanist
  • SMAC
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    6 years ago

    This brings me back to my religious breaking point.

    I was volunteering at a homeless shelter when a couple of Protestants came in, one thing led to another and they ended up asking me what religion I was, after hearing my reply they were disgusted, called me a false believer and said I had to repent and convert or I would go to hell.

    Needless to say, after a few weeks of mulling that over, I chose atheism, and 26 years later I have no regrets.

  • Devin
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    6 years ago

    I've been called a "non-Christian" for being Catholic. I was in utter shock to know how little some people really know.

    Christians who spend their time judging others aren't real Christians. I know many people who are Christ-like, but aren't Christians. I happen to believe Jesus is the Son of God, but I respect those who do not believe that.

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    >I don't buy the "Jesus is plagiarized from other gods," theories,

    Eventually,xxxx will triumph, and his agent xxxx will resurrect the dead, whose bodies will be restored to eternal perfection, and whose souls will be cleansed and reunited with God. Time will then end, and truth/righteousness and immortality will thereafter be everlasting.

    = Zoroastrianism.

    >I don't buy the "Jesus is plagiarized from other gods," theories,

    Because you do not want to. I suggest you do some study on the subject and get back to me when you've learned something.


    >And what exactly makes you think the case for a historical Jesus is "convincing"?

    There's next to nothing for a historical "jesus." There's plenty for a historical *someone.*


    A sure sign of pure rage is someone pretending that no evidence was provided even though some was by someone of a clearly superior knowledge and intellect.

    Laughing at bad losers like you. Go cry to mumsy in your tears of defeat.

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    6 years ago

    They all refer to others of different denominations as "false Christians".


    "@Glu††øղ ƒøℜ Puи! $hMєNT ☺†☺ - If you want to discuss that particular topic in detail, my email is..."

    In other words "I don't have an answer, but I don't want to admit that here."

    Because if you DID have the answer as to why it is "convincing", you would just POST IT.

    We don't need ALL your "reasons"... just post your BEST ONE.


    "@Marc Antoine Muret - You had an opportunity to provide verifiable evidence for those claims ........"

    ...which, of course, makes you a hypocrite for doing the EXACT SAME THING here.


    "I think that...I think that... I think that..."

    No one CARES what "you think". What can you PROVE?

    And in all the paragraphs you wrote, you have proved NOTHING.

    And, that is the BEST you've got?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    And what exactly makes you think the case for a historical Jesus is "convincing"?

    Not bashing just asking.

  • 6 years ago

    Why do people believe that there has to be only one religion? Either you have faith that god exists or you don't have any faith. Now religion is something invented by men and that is why i refuse to follow it.

  • NDMA
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    6 years ago

    The only people who have attacked me with stronger words and great hatred than atheists have been those professing to be Christians.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Thanks for your honesty ,

    Not been accused of not being a christian , but i have been asked to explain myself .

    Thats fair to do that , but not been challenged that i hold a secret non-belief .

    Sorry , hope this helps .

    Source(s): Jesus is Lord .
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