Hi this is on foods, this is a question on tuna fish?

how can we find out which brands are the safest, with the leaking of Fukushima in Japan still and them finding the stuff is being carried across to Calif., i am now worried about the fish being caught and sold in the Pacific, would you be bale to help ? Thank you !

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  • 6 years ago
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    I've been buying """"Chicken of the sea Tuna"""" not for me, but for my cats and they love it. Once in a while I eat it. Its full and good. Other tuna companies have raised prices and shortened the can and added more water to it, but not my brand and the FDA approves of my brand. Most Tuna in cans are from our own fishermen. The saltwater in the oceans clean everything, so If I were you I would'nt worry about bad food in America. Mike

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    6 years ago

    A Japanese Physician Is Encouraging the Evacuation of Tokyo

    February 14, 2014 Nelson Groom Journalistic Endeavours

    The physician has tested patients living in Tokyo, and the physician has found harmful symptoms.

    There have been abnormalities in the patients’ differential white-blood-cell count. The physician has seen a decline in the neutrophil component in white blood cells. The decline can lead to fatal conditions like septicemia.

    The physician can’t prescribe anything to the patients, because there are NOT any medicines to help.

    The physician has seen patients living in Tokyo who are badly affected, but when the patients move to western Japan, the patients get better. After the patients come back to Tokyo, it gets worse again.

    The physician recommends that anyone living in Tokyo head to western Japan 1 or 2 months out of the year.

    In Japan, commercial distribution is prosperous, so the contaminated food is definitely coming to Tokyo. Many people claim that we have to eat the local products to sustain the economy, but the physician thinks that we should be testing everything thoroughly, and that at least children should be spared from eating food with any risk of contamination.

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