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Why do you go to prison for drugs?

If you're caught smoking ice you go to prison, why? If you aren't harming anybody exempt from yourself by doing so why can you be sent down?

It doesn't make sense, you are aught doing something that could wreck your life so they lock you in a cell and give you a record, they effectively wreck your life by doing that as you can't travel to certain countries, the jobs you could get become very limited and whenever there is another drug related incident nearby where you are from there is a chance of you being interrogated when its nothing to do with you

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  • lara
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    6 years ago
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    Because with out users their would be no drug trade and therefore ALOT less crime. So users although on the bottom of trade are the ones keeping it going. So looking at the bigger picture you are by far not just harming yourself.

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  • 6 years ago

    Many times it is in that given state statutory laws that you go to prison for drugs.

    Many times the feds can charge and convict a person on the same state drug charges. It is called separate sovereignty.

    The feds have a schedule of controlled substances list. Some states like Ky., have the federal schedule of controlled substances list as the KRS.

    KRS 218A. 010 definitions what is the controlled substances in detail. The KRS breaks down into detail the different Schedule of control substances per state law.

    Source(s): Kentucky Criminal manual .
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  • Reg
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    6 years ago

    Primarily because possession of drugs for any purpose,

    is illegal, and carries a prison sentence as part of the penalty for breaking the law.


    most facilities have programs to help inmates to break the habits that got them into prison

    but like anything else, they have to want help, and must participate in those programs.

    They could be rewarded with an earlier release date if they do well on drug rehab plans.


    if you can't do the time, don't do the crime...

    Don't mess with drugs, or surely, they will mess with you.... Big time!

    Source(s): 75 yrs on the planet - thirty yrs related services
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  • 6 years ago

    Because putting addicts in prison for non-violent offences is big money for anyone involved in law enforcement.


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  • Frank
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    6 years ago

    Because it's easier for parents to exclaim "Because it's illegal" rather than teach their kids that only idiots smoke ice or crack. Then they vote for the guys who they perceive as "tough on drugs".

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