Some body want to help with U.S History? I will give 10 points to the best answer.?

I suck at history, and I am just trying to pass. If you would help me that would be great. I will give 10 points to the best answer, and possibly more if you get them all right.

Question 20.20. Which president advocated a "New Freedom" agenda that included a graduated income tax?

(Points : 3)

William McKinley

Theodore Roosevelt

William Taft

Woodrow Wilson

Question 21.21. What was a factor in Woodrow Wilson's 1912 election victory?

(Points : 3)

Wilson was more progressive than either Taft or Roosevelt.

Roosevelt withdrew and endorsed Wilson.

Taft had decided not to run and endorsed Wilson.

Roosevelt and Taft split the Republican votes.

Question 22.22. What agricultural system trapped many southern blacks in a cycle of debt and poverty despite their hard work?

(Points : 3)


farm alliances

crop lien system


Question 23.23. What did Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, and literacy tests have in common?

(Points : 3)

They all helped give full citizenship rights to blacks.

They created an economic base for freed slaves.

They promoted segregation and fewer rights for blacks.

They helped raise revenue for the southern states following the Civil War.

Question 24.24. Which 1896 Supreme Court decision allowed for segregation of blacks as long as "separate but equal" facilities were provided?

(Points : 3)

Brown v. Board of Education

Marbury v. Madison

Dred Scott v. Sanford

Plessy v. Ferguson

Question 25.25. What was one of Booker T. Washington's important achievements?

(Points : 3)

founding the NAACP

founding the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute

becoming the first black president of the University of Alabama

becoming the first black congressman

Question 26.26. Who was the first African American to earn a PhD from Harvard?

(Points : 3)

Harriet Tubman

W.E.B. Du Bois

Augustus Hawkins

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Question 27.27. What did Marcus Garvey advocate for blacks?

(Points : 3)

education for blacks at major universities

agreement that blacks should accept an inferior social position

black-owned businesses and separation from whites

improvement of separate but equal facilities for both blacks and whites

Question 28.28. Who was not a leader in the women's suffrage movement?

(Points : 3)

Helen Kendrick Johnson

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Susan B. Anthony

Julia Ward Howe

Question 29.29. Which president endorsed the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote?

(Points : 3)

William Howard Taft

Woodrow Wilson

William McKinley

Theodore Roosevelt

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    20. Woodrow Wilson

    21. Roosevelt and Taft split the Republican votes.

    22. crop lien system

    23. They promoted segregation and fewer rights for blacks.

    24. Plessy v. Ferguson

    25. founding the Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Institute.

    26. W. E. B. Du Bois

    27. black-owned businesses and separation from whites

    28. It's either Helen Kendrick Johnson or Julia Ward Howe. I haven't heard of either one of them.

    29. Woodrow Wilson

    Source(s): I used my AP U.S. History book so I can pretty much assure you these answers are right :)
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