Am I selfish, or a good balance? (Sorry for the horrible grammat/typing, yahoo has a low character count.)?

My mom has told me recently that i'm selfish & uncaring, but I don't think that's 100% true.

I think it's b/c 2 yrs ago, I got a bf & he likes spoiling me. I come from a low income family & i'm not used 2 really nice things. I've b/come kindof used 2 it even though i'm still super grateful. I like having nice things. Is that bad?

I think i'm a nice person. I'm respectful 2 my teachers & most adults.

I try 2 give 2 others when I can. I love some ppl in my family & I'd do a lot 4 them. Some in my family aren't very fortunate, & when I have the $ I plan on doing more 4 them (like buying the younger ones nice clothes 2 wear)

Some ppl in my family I don't care too much about. Is that wrong? I mean, u can't like every1 & i'm still nice 2 them anyways. My bf's mom & grandma live together & they're both disabled & I feel like I do a lot 4 them. I go grocery shopping 4 them every week, & I try 2 help them w/ things they need & I wish I could do more. Srry 4 bad typing yahoo's chrctr count

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    7 years ago
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    hmm...I understand u r in love with a try to help his mom and grandma...and that guy loves u in return...but ur mom doesnt like u...there may be two reasons why she did it...

    Reason 1- She doesnt like ur bf...and she doesnt want u to get spoiled by him...she may be thinking that may be u could spend more time helping her in her family works than loving him...

    Reason 2-She doesnt know that part of u who helps the disabled mom and grandma of ur bf... may be she needs to know how much u hlp them by doing the groceries...

    Conclusion- You are not a bad person at all...You are a good person but your mom needs to know how good u are..So my advice, give time to your mother...treat her with the most importance..bcoz it is she who brought u to this world...then comes the other poeple..I think u r not selfish at all...

  • 7 years ago

    I have raised children and found that from time to time, they can be selfish and uncaring. It is all part of growing up, I suppose.

    You sound like a good hearted individual. Why not ask your mother what she means by her comment and ask her what you can do to change her feelings. That could be a good start and show her that you want to cooperate with her.

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