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Anonymous asked in SportsOlympics · 6 years ago

why Russian figureskater Plushenko retires?

Hi guys I like the sochi winter games but I don't understand why plushenko has to be out of the tournament well that's I read here

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  • Grinch
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    6 years ago
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    He's 31, he's had multiple surgeries, he's been skating in pain, and he was under enormous pressure to WIN ...

    I'm not a Plushenko fan, never was. I've found him to be arrogant and dismissive of other skaters. However, I do understand that he is adored in Russia and that both he and his legion of fans are disappointed to see his career end so ... awkwardly.

    Plushenko hurt (or re-injured, more likely) his back in warmup. He said afterward that he couldn't feel his legs. He has had reconstructive surgery on his spine, which has kept him from participating in many competitions over the past few years. He's just ... too old and banged up to compete on the elite level.

    He did try, and I respect his effort. I think it was the right thing to withdraw from the competition rather than risk more serious injury (and embarrassment to his country ... sadly, that's something he probably had to consider).

    It wasn't the most graceful exit, but he did acknowledge and thank those in attendance, and did take the time to say goodbye. Which (my opinion) says more for him than all the great technical performances he's put out there over the years.

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  • 6 years ago

    I heard He was beginning to Have Back "issues"... And that's usually a pretty GOOD Sign that a Olympians "better days"- are probably Behind Him. So I guess Plushenko took the "hint", and bowed OUT of the Competition- as gracefully as He Could... :)

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  • 6 years ago

    Some clinic made him very serious operation on his backbone not long ago. His back after operation is with some iron details. It was huge risk to put forward him to Olimpic games. There is one young russian skater who should be putted in instead of Pluschenko, but in some reason they putted in Pluschenko. Maybe the reason is profitable connections, protection etc.

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  • Eric B
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    He is going out an Olympic champion and a fighter, figuratively speaking.

    1. He has had his lower back surgically repaired and reports state he has an artificial implant/s in his vertebrae to repair the damage he has sustained on his spine over the course of his career. The day of the individual competition, rumors claim he re-injured it leading up to the warm ups. You could see his face had pain written all over it as he got on the ice.

    2. The Quad: it is a horrific element in figure skating that puts tremendous, un-natural torque on the lower spine! We have seen others win the gold (Lysacek, Evan - Vancouver 2010 Olympics) WITHOUT The Quad yet the sports seems to prefer shoving 4 turns in their face as a ''preferred gold medal-winning element''.

    3. Plushenko went on the side of caution and did not continue with the Individual skating event after he told reporters he 'could not feel his legs' after falling on that triple jump, during warm-ups. He has probably been given medical advice from doctors AFTER his spinal surgery, so perhaps the doctor's gave him orders to stop from skating if he suddenly felt any lack of sensation in his lower extremities: Yikes! BEST TO BE CAUTIOUS!

    source: Sochi Olympics

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  • 6 years ago

    Too injured. I don't think he would have retired if he wasn't in tremendous pain.

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  • 6 years ago

    he has serious problems with his back. he could not skate for several years to recover for the olympics.

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