Does anyone else miss old American values?

Does anyone miss the old American values, traditions, fashion, customs, and accents?

I've been re-watching a lot of childhood Disney films this week and I love the customs and traditions that reflected even through animated film. I just feel like if this is how most people acted during the 40's, 50's and maybe even 60's, then it probably explains why most adults today seem more "mature" and "hard working" people. People don't even sit down to eat dinner with their families anymore - they just grab their dinner, go to their room and plop down in front of their computer, or television...

When I say the "old traditions", I don't mean the bad stuff like segregation, racism, bigotry, closed mindedness, and elitism, but I mean the good stuff, like genuine pride in your work... classy attitudes, fashion, language, literature, film, culture, etc. the women were so lady like back then, and although I know that women are more "free" to do what they want in today's society, but I still feel like women are such a mess today... too aggressive, too anti-male, not put together, too masculine, have too many walls up, not nearly as motherly...

Even men, they're not classy, they're not even remotely as put together as people were in the 50's, they're not as respectful, they're not as stoic, they're not as manly.. I wish we could combine the good aspects of today's aspects with the good of the 50's and throw out everything else.

I'm ranting, but does anyone else kind of agree?


I also miss the old Transatlantic Northeastern accents that used to be prominent. People used to have almost entirely different vernaculars compared to today's heavily slang-dependent, "YOLO" generation... we're a mess.


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  • Piero
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    6 years ago
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    If you want the "good" things, you're going to have to take the bigotry, hatred, and narrow minded ideals, along with them. If you want things like they were, you're going to have to have electoshock therapy, polio, TB asylums, and neighborhood cops on the take. You are asking for a return of occupational illness, and disease. A return to uncontrolled industrial pollution, where the river was flammable, and entire towns got sick. I can't think of ANYTHING in the old days that was good. There was high unemployment, a lot of drug use, and a lot of alcoholism following WWII. Amazing how easy it was for folks to forget. I'm sure a lot of the "good old days" proponents, were actually just too damned stupid to know what was going on around them.

    Source(s): I was there, and I actually remember.
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  • 6 years ago

    Yes. I Agree. I have been reading the internet news and today there is a story about Girls being sent home from school because they are wearing "Yoga Pants." These "pants" show TOO much Detail about the young girls "anatomy" on the bottom and front lower portion of their bodies. Young boys are wearin "sag". These are pants that DO NOT fit properly and hang below the backsides and their underwear shows. This is an Insult to authority and adulthood.

    In my opinion, Children are not attending "School" to learn anymore. They are going to a social gathering place to look for sex. They are not at "School" to learn anymore. They go there to show how nasty they can look.

    I blame this on the Parents who have lost control and on the Media who advertise this type of wear and attitude and on the "Stars" who dress this way to "impress" these young minds.

    Source(s): Just a Dad.
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  • Mark
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    6 years ago

    Some, but not all. People tend to remember ONLY good things, and not things like polio, no cures for most cancers, racism, sexism, lack of an easy way to reheat leftovers, and things like that.

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