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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 7 years ago

Help come up with a name and middle name for twins?

Hi my parents are adopting twins and they're asking us for some suggestions name wise, and I couldn't come up with any, Anyways its a boy and girl and any suggestion would be helpful.

here are our names:

Madeleine Anne

Michael Timothy

Megan Margaret

William Joseph

John (Jack) Edward

Katherine (kate) Emma

Michaela Elizabeth

So they like really classic names, thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Edward (Eddie, Ed, Ward) John

    Peter (Petey, Pete) Isaac

    Gabriel (Gabe) Finley

    Tyler (Ty) Brennan

    Paul (Pauly) Francis

    Benjamin (Ben, Benny, Benji) Sean

    Jeffrey (Jeff) Phillip

    Jacob (Jake) Ryan

    Brendan (Bren) Cole

    Patrick (Pet, Ricky, Packi) Michael

    Roland (Rowe) Isaiah

    George (Georgie) Graham

    Mark Anthony

    Bradley (Brad, B.J.) James

    Nathan (Nate) Parker

    Samuel (Sam, Sammy) Christopher

    Alexander (Alex, Xander) David

    Connor Adam

    Ethan Gregory

    Joseph (Joe, Joey) Matthew

    Alden (Al) Kirk

    Daniel (Dan, Danny) Nolan

    Eric (E.J.) Joel

    Carter Elliot

    Lucas (Luke) Bennet

    Timmothy (Tim, Timmy, T.J.) Jordan

    Caleb Alec

    Oliver (Ollie) Charles

    Nicholas (Nick) Arthur

    Bridget Louise

    Alison (Allie) Noelle

    Christina (Chris, Tina) Anne

    Laura Renee

    Eleanor (Ellie, Ella, Nore) Grace

    Addison (Addie) Michelle

    Charlotte Rose

    Bethany (Beth) Jane

    Rebecca (Becky) Christine

    Jessica (Jessie) Simone

    Tamara (Tammy) Roxanne

    Elizabeth (Ellie, Lizzie, Beth) Elise

    Margaret (Maggie, Marge, Peggy) Cheyenne

    Caroline (Carrie) Astoria

    Violet (Vi) Clarisse

    Johanna (Jo) Carolyn

    Ruth Barbara

    Nicole (Nikki) Samantha

    Holly Eliza

    Imogen (Immy) Kate

    Natalie Louise

    Meghan (Meg, Meggy) Sophia

    Isabelle (Issy, Belle) Janet

    Clara Joelle

    Caitlin Primrose

    Phoebe Alicia

    Mary Annebelle

    Eden Marie

    Paige Moreia

    Kirsten Brielle

    Ashlynn Priscilla

    Good Luck- Hope this helps! Feel free to mix and match the names, and nicknames are only a suggestion!

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    7 years ago

    Nathaniel Owen & Molly Isabel

    Charles Elliott & Vivienne Marie

    Henry Thomas & Amelia Lauren

    Vincent Gregory & Lillian Marissa

    Julian Marshall & Abigail Charlotte

    Solomon Isaac & Penelope Sienna

    Christopher Matthew & Jocelyn Rose

    Benjamin Reese & Sophie Genevieve

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    7 years ago

    BB- Alexander Bradley& Gabriel Isaac

    GG- Diana Madeline& Isabel Gwendolyn

    BG- Samuel James& Morgana Adelaide

  • 7 years ago

    For a Boy I really like Thomas, it means twin

    Andrew Thomas

    Christopher Thomas

    David Thomas

    Mathew Thomas

    James Thomas

    Thomas Joseph

    Adam Thomas

    Benjamin Thomas

    Caroline Maratha

    Amelia Jeannette

    Diana Mae

    Julia Collette

    Eva Marie

    Kristen Elise

    Sarah Marie

    Rosalie Jane

    Bridget michelle

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  • 7 years ago


    Sondra Magdalene

    Chiara Cassandra

    Athena Jeannette

    Gwendolyn Jolene

    Leona Emmeline

    Stephanie Deanna


    Basil Jeremiah

    Lionel Randall

    Darien Theodore

    Joshua Felix

    Patrick Joel

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    7 years ago

    I'm not good at making twin sets so I'm just going to suggest my favorite names separately and you can mix and match :) (ironic considering I'm pregnant with BG twins now)


    Audrey Caroline

    Adelaide Rosalie

    Florence Helena

    Elaina Gwen

    Olivia Sage

    Lillian Florence (99% this is the name of my G twin)


    Maxwell Collins (My son)

    Carter Jameson (99% this is the name of my B twin)

    Grayson Dane

    Elijah Ronan

    Bennett William

  • 7 years ago

    Classic names? Shakespeare named his twins Hamlet and Judith. Or you can go with Romeo and Juliet :D or maybe Benvolio and Rosaline? Olivia and Sebastian? Viola and Orsino? Hero and Claudio? Beatrice and Benedick? or any combination of these names? actually, i think Hero and Hamlet sounds AWESOME! it's classic yet really unique and they both start with H if you like matching names :) good luck! God bless!

    Source(s): Shakespeare
  • 7 years ago

    Thing 1


    Thing 2


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