Is my navel piercing infected?

Okay so I got it pierced last week as it was my 16th and i've been cleaning it and everything but it's still really red and there's flaky skin and puss and all gross things coming from it, it's also quite painful and I just wanted to know if it was infected or whether this is normal? Also, how long will it last? And if it is infected, how do I make it uninfected? Haha, preferably by Sunday???

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  • 7 years ago
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    check with the doctor

  • 7 years ago

    A little bit of redness and discharge is normal, this is just your navel trying to heal itself. However, if it is itchy, smelly or the puss is a yellowish colour, then it could be infected.

    In either case, it would be best to call the place you got it pierced or to see them as they have a lot more experience, but if you continue with your saline and soap cleaning routine, any infection should go away as long as you're careful. :)xx

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