What problems can occur when I upgrade my GPU?


I have a pc with the following specs:

Intel Pentium G645 2.9 Ghz

4 gb RAM

Nvidia Geforce 8600GT 256 mb VRAM(video memory)

Windows 7 64 bit

motherboard: MSI H61M-P20(G3)

I wanted to upgrade my video card and called the pc shop were i bought the pc and they told me that the CPU was too slow and that it was a single core processor. I looked up on the internet of the specs of the G645 processor and on the Intel website it clearly says it has 2 cores. I couldnt find anything about a Pentium G645 with 1 core. I asked them if I could take out the 8600GT, and put in a Geforce GTX 680 2 gb in the PCE x16 socket but they told me the processor was too slow. Do GPU's need a minimal processor speed to work properly? I dont completely trust the pc shop anymore because of the discussion about the amount of cores. And lets say: I take out the 8600GT, put in the GTX 680 2gb, install the latest drivers for that card and get a bigger power brick for the pc for the power requirement. What can go wrong? Will my CPU get slower? What components may react badly? Will the pc not detect the new GPU? Will the performance in games remain the same? And what exactly can go wrong in the first place? And what can I do to fix problems that arise? I preferrably wanna hear detailed explanations about parts that can react badly or problems that can occur?

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  • Ryan
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    6 years ago
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    Problems you may run into? There is hardly any. Make sure your power supply can support the power, make sure its the right pin line up, make sure you are grounded when you do it and youll be just fine.

    ~good luck

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  • 6 years ago

    I would assume the PC shop was trying to say. To get the best performance you and frame rates a good speed CPU on top of solid higher end Graphics card would be ideal.

    But ultimately, you can place a newer Graphics card in this system. Just verifiy it will fit and you have sufficient power for the card. No downside over this. Go for it. Most games more heavily tax the GPU over the CPU now that they used to in the past.

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  • 6 years ago

    That pc shop is talking out its backside gone are the days of single core processors except maybe atom and semperon by amd. But they are correct its slow for that gpu in question it wont get the max performance needed as the cpu will bottleneck your games instead of the gpu but it will still give you a large boost in gaming just its best if you up the cpu later to get better performance to at least a i5 3350p something with 4 cores as games are going towards 4 cores.

    requirements for better overall gaming

    power supply needs to be efficient enough for a gtx 680 is a electric guzzler id say a 600w

    corsair or evga power supply is best

    its recomended bare minimum to have a psu of 550w due to it pulls 195w ( gpu alone)

    next is ram your ram is on low side least 2 sticks of 1gb of same ram. to make 6gb as most games use a max of 4gb of ram but its best to have some overhead so that the game doesnt struggle to find extra


    if your flexable about the gpu side contact me on here and tell me your budget and ill help you figuire out a stable system

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