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fred35 asked in PetsDogs · 6 years ago

Very agressive dog breeds.?

Why is the desire to own such animals so prevalent at the bottom end of society. Is it lack of even common sense or an interest in dog fighting or what? And why oh why are all such animals not banned completely?


Many bad if not fatal attacks are unexpected often by well loved pets and experts have concluded that breed nature can be a factor. I have not pinpointed breeds because a) I am not an expert and b) It is not needed to gain the information requested.

Update 2:

Some answers are emotional and attribute things to my question which are not present. You may love dogs as I do being from a farming family and a 'I love all dogs so you have no right to ask this' attitude merely neutralises your opinion. Personally I have more regard for the children killed and am only too willing to agree that 9 out of 10 owners do not train their dogs properly to stay in all circumstances without a lead as our working animals were.

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  • Jojo
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    6 years ago
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    If a certain breed of dog gets a reputation (deserved or not) the numbskulls of society strive to have this dog as a status symbol (for some inane reason.) They think it makes them look tough and they encourage the dog to act aggressively, even if it is basically a nice dog in the first place.

    It`s hardly ever the dogs fault that it turns out aggressive. The fault lies with its owner,or the unscrupulous person who breeds unsound dogs usually on purpose, but inevitably it`s the dog that suffers in the end.

    What it needs is stricter rules on the breeding of dogs and huge fines for people who flout the rules and also it needs to be monitored to deter underground breeding. (pigs might fly)

    The laws on dog breeding, and dog ownership, are imo way too lax. Jmo.

    Add: Yes, many of the unsound dogs can find their way into loving households and also with owners who do not know how to handle dogs in any way at all. That`s when the dog becomes a ticking time bomb.

    As I said above.....Stricter laws on ownership and breeding, and people employed to enforce them.

    Until then, nothing will change.

    Source(s): Gsd owner (uk)
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  • 6 years ago

    Why do you care? There's no reason to rant. If you want to do your duty to protect people and yourself from this problem just go out and vote. Vote for someone whose against these breeds and wants to get them banned in your community. Better yet run for office. Or organize an informational community meeting regarding the issue, get a petition signed, and turn it in to your mayor for review.

    Otherwise, stop ranting. Anyone would have been happy to give you more information, or answer your questions reasonably had it not been so bias or accusatory. "lack of common sense" what is not sensible is someone discussing, or even fully forming an opinion, about a subject they admit they do not fully comprehend. So I wouldn't be talking about neutralizing opinions. Why don't people do their research before forming opinions?

    "so prevalent at the bottom end of society" - do you realize how ridiculous this statement alone sounds? Grow up. When somebody asks a question, in the way that you have here, it often winds up being the very reason people don't even want to listen to this argument. You're not doing anyone any favors by trying to present information, argue, or even raise an opinion in this fashion.

    You're correct. You are not an expert. If you were, or if you did some more research (*and to answer your question, "And why oh why are all such animals not banned completely?") you would quickly understand most of the research is still under heavy debate, which is why they aren't currently banned completely. You have to have irrefutable proof, and even then somebody from your community or gov. has to really want to get it done. Depending on where you live it could take YEARS if not months and that is if someone is determined. Based on community size alone (in your city, town, village, wherever) there aren't enough dog attacks, or issues with these breeds that put a serious strain on public safety. Even if worldwide or even nationwide there are many cases if there's only a small number in your community no one will really care unless there are quite a few gruesome incidents, usually from repeat offenders, and a large group of supporters requesting change. People would just as soon eradicate the only animal responsible for the attack, than ban a breed, or even completely eradicate a breed through genocide or sexually altering them (depending on your country). To most, banning a breed is a radical notion. Great Britain is one of the few countries to have banned pit bulls, but some still fall through the cracks. You have your work cut out for ya.

    Best of luck.

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  • 6 years ago

    In most cases it has nothing to do with the breeds. The ''bottom end'' of society thinks an aggressive dog will make them look tough or something and actually encourage aggressive behaviour, conduct dog fights and give the breeds a bad name. The breeds should not be banned, the owners should be.

    Other people get big dogs and have no idea how to properly socialise and handle them. It is said that those kind of dogs have the most attack incidences behind them and I have met a few people in person whos own dogs bit them only because they had no rules and thought they can do what ever they like. They were loved, and trained but they had no rules.

    Another common reason is that dogs bite is that they are being provoked. Unintentionally maybe, but provoked. Some people think its funny to throw stones at actually harmless strays and they have no other choice as to bite. Other people just act senselessly around dogs bark pretend to hit, etc. (I ve got lots of teens like that in my area)

    Dog attacks are never the dogs fault, the culprit is always the human whether its stupidity, irresponsibility, or just lack of knowledge. People should realize the pain they are putting on dogs by their stupid actions, the world should be educated. Stricter rules should be applied to dog ownership.

    The breed doesn't matter, the individual dogs discipline is. You can see an aggressive lab or a friendly pitbull depends on how he was brought up. All dogs are dogs the breed doesn't matter at all.

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  • 6 years ago

    If a Cocker attacks you WILL NOT hear of it.The news will only tell you if it is a so called aggressive breed. That is called sensationalism.

    As a groomer I have been bit by a Poodle, Scottie, Chihuahua, and many cockers. I am the only groomer in town that will do so call aggressive breeds in my small town. I have never been bit lunged at of even scared by ANY of them. I do not like to groom chows. I have not been bit yet by one but they let me know they will. I also groom a Wolf. She is 100% timber wolf. I have no idea why people get these they are wild animals and should remain that way. She is a rescue from a family that thought a WOLF would be cool. Yet they had no idea that she would never act like a dog. Back to my point she HATES a bath but LOVES people. This is including my young son. She likes kids and will behave for the hated bath if he talks to her. (at a distance I AM ALPHA in my shop)

    Lower income could mean lower education. That can lead to less knowledge of pet and temperament also how to train. All this can lead to stress and arguing over money. This will stress out the pet too. That pet will be aggressive. If I had a Pit, GSD, Dane, Boxer....... Even a wolf I promise you they would be well trained best friends. I have had a GSD and he was my heart. I now have a Dane and she is the most awesome dog ever. BUT it is my job to know how to train them and keep them happy. I know how to and do. That is the difference. NOT THE DOG BUT THE HUMAN.

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  • 6 years ago

    This is one of the best questions I've seen here, and I seriously doubt if you will get any non-emotional answers. One of my kids and I have debated this for years.

    Personally, I think when someone buys a dog breed with a known propensity to violence it says more about that persons personality than the dogs.

    Notice this question and this answer do not specify breed.

    Genetics plays an important part in aggression as does poor training and handling methods. This can't be blamed entirely on owners nor is there any one particular breed that is generally more aggressive than another ALL THE TIME.

    As to banning any breed, breed specific legislation has been tried in many states here, and has been repealed in many others, so that isn't the right answer to an aggressive dog problem either.

    Controlling breeding practices would produce the best results, but how to implement this is difficult to figure out without infringing on individual rights that are so important to the American people.

    There is not easy answer.

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  • 6 years ago

    Some people who own dogs seem to think their right to own a dog overides my right not to get bitten by their stupid mutts. There's no reasoning with them, saying stupid things like Lorraine and Merlin that a chihuahua is more aggresive than a rottweiler, while totally missing the very important fact that a chihuahua is unlikely to be able to cause much damage due to it's small size, whereas a rottweiler can easily kill you if it wants to. It's estimated that 200,000 people a year are attacked by dogs in the uk every year (that's almost FOUR THOUSAND a week!) with a HUNDRED AND TWENTY people a week requiring hospital admission!

    I don't care if it's the owner's fault or the dog's, it's a tired old argument, and the end result remains the same, lots of people getting attacked by dogs! Something needs to be done about it. I've been bitten 3 times (each time by those loveable "harmless" staffies whilst minding my own business. Going on about the right's of the dogs and owners is all well and good, but what about my rights?

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  • 6 years ago

    I don't think they should be banned, when they're raised well they're not aggressive. And there are good dog owners at 'the bottom end of society' but the negatively raised dogs get a lot more attention than the good dogs.

    My dogs have been attaked by an aggressive dog and I've become wary of the pitbull breed but I've had more experience with the more non aggressive breed than the aggressive. It only took that one dog to make me not trust the rest of them. That and all the negative stories I hear about pitbulls.

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  • 6 years ago

    And what breeds would you be talking about here ???

    I think you should learn a little more about dogs before putting them all in a category like that. One of the most aggressive in my opinion is the chihuahua.... sorry chi owners... whereas we have plenty of rottweiler PAT dogs who go into nursing homes and hospitals.

    Personally I consider the person on the end of the lead far more important than the breed and particularly if bought for that purpose or encouraged to behave in a certain way.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Any Breed of dog can Be Aggressive small to large Breeds .So if that is the case no Breed of dog is safe to own as all can have aggressive Tendencies if they have screwed up genetics .

    Any Breed of dog with a genetically sound Temperament is not going to kill any one or any thing .its not even going to injure any one .

    The owner is just as much to blame as poor Genetics .

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  • Merlin
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    6 years ago

    You're disgusting.

    There's NO "aggressive" dog breed!

    A Chihuahua can have a meaner attitude than a Rottweiler, if you raise it properly. It has NOTHING to do with the dog. It is how a human, or its environment, treats it. A dog, much like a human, will be mean and fight for its life, if it needs to.

    It's fight or flight! Fight for survival.

    I have had Dobermans, Wolves, Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and Boxers. You wanna know the meanest of ALL of them was? My Jack Russel. Who is a foot tall.

    All of the other breeds cuddled up to me every night, gave so many kisses, and were the most loveable creatures. You can't ban owning a dog. What's sick is that they don't ban dog fights or ban people who are bad with dogs, from getting one! These poor creatures are perfect, loving, adoring animals who just want love, pets, a family. They don't ask for the suffering but people still put them through it.

    There's NO such thing as an "aggressive breed" -- The only thing that makes someone afraid of a dog is the strength, size, and demeanor behind him. But I promise you, no dog is EVER born mean!

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