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如果我真的得不到conditional offer,那我是不是已经没有机会?




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  • 7 years ago
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    1. Since you are taking the HKDSE, then, university will give you a conditional offer base on your current school grade. Additionally, you school should send university a predicted score of your HKDSE(Certify copy) , then, in this case , you might get a conditional offer.

    2. If you don't get the conditional offer, you can send a email to the university you applied to check the status or apply for a " special consideration" , " special consideration" applies to you if there are other factors affect your exam score, in this case, university will count those factors in and try to give you an offer.

    3. As answer previously, not getting conditional offer is not a dead end, there are other options you can do.

    4. Canadian Universities normally would not look at you Chinese scores, cuz they don't care.

    5. I am pretty sure you have applied to University of Toronto, if you have more questions regarding admissions, you should send them a email: University of Toronto Enrollment services: , UTSC(University of Toronto Scarborough Campus) :

    6. I am strongly advising you to send your transcripts as soon as possible, since it takes time for mail to process, and once all of your documents arrive, they can start to make decisions, and you will be notify earlier than others. SInce the admission for International students is in an ongoing basis, so, if you get rejected, you still have some options to ask. Don't do stuffs last minute, it never help, especially for Canadian University application.

    For more information of studying in Canada, please visit other questions I answered.

    For more information about admissions in University of Toronto , please visit:

    For more information of applications deadline and contacts with University in Ontario, Canada, please visit:

    Hope this can help you!

    Source(s): Personal Experience(Current Student at University of Toronto)
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    Source(s): by my personal experience
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    7 years ago

    其實與其係度呻 conditional offer,你不如睇下將啲心思放落點考好啲個 DSE 到, conditional offer 反正最後都要睇 DSE 成績架啦,而且 DSE 考得好嘅話你慌外國啲大學唔收你咩

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