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How to make my waves neater?

I have 360 waves, and they're really pretty neat in the front. But on the sides and a little in the back, they're really messy and dont seem to make "rows" like in the front. Ive had waves on and off since the 5th grade (in 10th now) but they've never been really neat. Any tips?

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    when the waves form rows, that's called the connections. so the waves connect and line up neatly. it takes work to get connections, but it sounds like you're pretty dedicated if you've had waves for 5 years!

    the first thing to do is to get yourself 2 mirrors (or a hand held mirror and stand in the bathroom). that way you can see the back of your head. when you brush, make sure you brush with really precise strokes. always brush the same direction, out from the crown (so the back goes straight down and the sides go down on an angle to your cheeks).

    also, try using a comb, a soft brush, and a hard brush. each do different things and should help with the connections. finally, after brushing, lay down your hair with a good pomade like wavebuilder deep wave or their cocoa & shea pomade. then cover with a durag or wave cap to save your progress!

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    straighten it or tie it back

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