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Multiple Gaming PC questions?

I have multiple questions regarding my computer for gaming.

1. I have a msi gtx 760 and was wondering if my i7 intel 920 is bottlenecking

2. Can I get another gtx 760 if I have an Antec earthwatt 750 Watt psu

3. My computer went up to 40C+ idle when it use to be around 30C after I put in another fan at the top of my case blowing air out, this is my case,

4. Should I get the Noctua NH-D14 (have stock cpu cooler now) if I want to overclock intel 920 2.6ghz to around 3.6ghz

5. Should I just get a better cpu or keep my intel 920

6. Is this a good network adapter, ASUS PCE-N53 300Mbps 11n Dual band Wireless LAN PCI-E Card

Full PC specs: (how many watts am I using up?)

Cpu - Intel i7 920 @ 2.6ghz

Gpu - Msi twin frozr gtx 760

Motherboard - Asus p6t

RAM - 9gb ddr3

HDD - 3 tb toshiba 7200rpm and this,


4 case fans, 2 with LED

PSU - Antec Earthwatt 750 watt psu

----- Thanks for any help

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    6 years ago
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    1. Overclock your 920

    2. 750w would be pushing it. Get at least 850w for overhead

    3. It might need cleaning out

    4. Go for A-I-O watercooler like the H100i

    5. Not for that socket

    6. Don't know

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