How is it someone is using my "rnglove" to sell medications on line via e-mail?

I have changed my password so many times in the past several months, I just don't understand how this is still going on. But, again yesterday, I received an e-mail from them trying to sell medications.

Please help me to get this to stop. So far, no one in my address book have been contacted by them. and I would like to keep it that way.


Joan Hammond

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  • Xander
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    7 years ago
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    Hi Joan,

    In most cases like these your Yahoo Mail address has been forged in the headers of the email to make it appear as though it came from your own account. Please know that this is an industry wide issue affecting not only Yahoo Mail, but all other major providers including Gmail,, and AOL.

    Using filters in your Yahoo Mail account you can have these types of messages delivered directly to the trash folder. For help with using filters in Yahoo Mail I recommend reviwing the following Yahoo Help article:

    "Create email filters"

    To determine the true origin of the message you will need to view the full headers of the spam email you received. For more information please review the following Yahoo Help article:

    "View the full header of an email"

    If you are concerned your Yahoo Mail account may have been accessed without your knowledge to send spam messages I highly advise that you change your password immediately. That is the first and most important step in re-securing your account. After you change your password be sure to follow the steps in this Yahoo Help article to finish re-securing your account:


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