What would you name this family?


FN: 1940s top 200 - http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/decades/names194...

MN: 2000s top 200 - http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/decades/names200...


FN: starts with either W or P

MN: state capital


FN: a state flower - http://www.50states.com/flower.htm#.UvpbKvldV8E

MN: Jean, Patsy, Dolly, Mary, Caroline, or Anna


FN: starts with C and ends with E

MN: month


FN: current professional sports athlete

MN: starts with either R, J, O, or D


FN: actor/actress

MN: musician

Dog (you pick breed)

N: after a superhero


Husband – Jonathan Nicholas

Boy – Wyatt Denver

G/G – Iris Caroline and Magnolia Jean

G – Chelsie August

B/B/B – Shawn Daniel, Evan Jackson, and Matthew Ryan

(Shawn White, Evan Gattis, and Matt Ryan)

B/G/G – Patrick Cash, Julianne Alecia, and Natalie Faith

(Patrick Dempsey/Johnny Cash, Julianne Hough/P!nk, Natalie Portman/Faith Hill)

Dog – Thor – husky

Jon, Wyatt, Iris, Maggie, Chelsie, Shawn, Evan, Matt, Cash, Julianne, Nat, and Thor

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  • Kat
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    Wife...Ruby Elizabeth

    Husband...Michael David

    Boy....William Columbus

    Twin Girls...Violet Caroline and Magnolia Anna

    Girl...Catherine May

    Triplet boys...Thomas Owen, Lukas James, Tony Dominic

    All first names come from the professional soccer team FC Bayern Munich

    Boy/Girl/Girl...Johnny Beethoven, Angelina Kelly, Jennifer Gwen

    Johnny Depp/Beethoven. Angelina Jolie/Kelly Clarkson. Jennifer Lawrence/Gwen Stefani.

    Dog....A Golden Retriever named Bruce<---Bruce Wayne

    Mom and Dad...Ruby and Mike

    Kids...Will, Violet, Maggie, Cat, Tommy, Luke, Tony, Johnny, Angie, and Jenny.

    And a dog named Bruce

  • Helga
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Husband: William Nicholas

    Boy: Peter Dallas

    GG: Violet Caroline&amp; Lily Mary

    Girl: Claire May

    BBB: Matthew Dylan, Michael Justin&amp; Ramario ( Mario) Riley

    BGG: Joshua Liam, Ariana Taylor&amp; Jennifer Katy ( Hutcherson&#x2F; Payne, Grade&#x2F; Swift, Lawrence&#x2F; Perry)

    Dog: Spider-Man---- Chocolate lab

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    John Frederick

    Patrick Lincoln

    Lilac Caroline

    Callie September

    Brady Joseph, Dustin Oliver, & David James

    Bradley Ben, Emma Nanna, & Jennifer Ella

    Patrick, Lilac, Callie, Brady, Dustin, DJ, Brad, Emma, & Jennie

    Black Lab: Thor

  • 7 years ago

    Husband: Thomas Andrew

    Wife: Stella Catherine

    ♥ Phillip Vermont

    ♥ Violet Anna and Iris Jean

    ♥ Charlotte June

    ♥ David Oliver, Vincent Jamison and Felix John

    { David Beckham, Vincent Jackson, Felix Hernandez }

    ♥ Dominic Michael, Scarlett Mariah and Keira Nicole

    { Dominic Cooper/ Michael Jackson, Scarlett Johansson/ Mariah Carey, Keira Knightley/ Nicole Scherzinger }

    ♥ Flash the Golden Labrador

    { Tom, Stella, Pip, Violet, Iris, Lottie, David, Vince, Felix, Dom, Scarlett, Keira and Flash }

    That was fun!

    Alyce xx

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  • Leah
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Husband: Patrick William

    Wife: Lillian Grace

    Boy: Wayne Dallas


  • 7 years ago

    Daniel Jacob

    William Raleigh

    Violet Anna and Lily Mary

    Chloe May

    Tiger Ryan, Samuel Oliver and David Jordan

    Sasha Alecia, Paris Natalie and Zac Louis

    White terrier- Loki

    Daniel, William, Violet, Lily, Chloe, Tiger, Samuel, David, Sasha, Paris, Zac and Loki

  • Roisin
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Husband - Dale Christopher

    Wife - Lucy Nicole

    B - Parker Jackson

    G/G - Lilac Mary & Magnolia Jean "Maggie"

    G - Celeste April

    B/B/B - Robert Oscar, Lewis Jai & Harley Declan

    B/G/G - Sean Edward, Kate Adele & Lena Cher

    Dog - Labrador, Hulk

  • 7 years ago

    Me: Hailey Ann

    Husband: Jack Edward

    • Peter Salem

    • Violet Anna & Rose Caroline

    • Cecile June

    • Lionel Julian, Samuel Ralph & Bastian Oliver (all soccer players)

    • Emilia Danielle, James Ezra & Kate Adele

    Dog: Flash

    "Hailey, Jack, Peter, Violet, Rose, Celia, Leo, Samuel, Bastian, Emilia, James & Kate"

  • 7 years ago

    Husband: Eugene Nicholas

    Wife: Carolyn Sarah

    Boy- Wesley Pierre

    Girl twins- Laurel Jean & Violet Caroline

    Girl- Camille June

    Boy triplets- Sebastian Jude, James Douglas, Charles Ryan (Sebastian Janikowski, JB Mauney, Charles Woodson)

    BGG triplets- Timothy Brian, Catherine Norah, Samantha Lily (Timothy Hutton/Brian Haner, Jr, Catherine Keener/Norah Jones, Samantha Morton/Lily Allen)

    Dog: Corgi names Batman

  • 7 years ago

    Husband: ♂ Joseph Cole.

    Wife: ♀ Margaret Ava.

    Son: ♂ Weston Dallas.

    Twin Daughters: ♀ Rose Caroline & ♀ Violet Anna.

    Daughter: ♀ Camille April.

    Triplet Sons: ♂ Sebastian Joseph, ♂ Matthew Oliver & ♂ Adrian Dominic.

    Triplets: ♂ Leonardo Austin, ♀ Audrey Celine & ♀ Katharine Cher.

    Dog: ♀ Ivy the Beagle.

    "Joseph, Maggie, West, Rosie, Vi, Cami, Bastian, Matty, Adrian, Leon, Audrey & Kate + Ivy"


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