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Menton, Paris, or Poitiers?

In terms of places to live, is Menton, Paris, or Poitiers the best? Of course, Paris has a lot of stuff going on, but I'm sure it can get overwhelming. Menton is on the beach near Nice and Monaco is surely a plus while I've heard Poitiers is a very nice town as well. Which is the best place to live in?


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    Poitiers is a nice provincial town, with a long history, in a pleasant and verdant region, but Menton is more up market, more genteel and it also is warmer as it is on the French Riviera of the Mediterranean coast. As you say it has a beach and it is popular with retirees because of the warmer climate. Paris has become too popular for its own good and life for residents has become quite stressing because of the millions of tourists that invade it practically all the year.The climate there is not brilliant either.

    This being said, I notice that your post is from Oregon USA. If your plan is to settle in France, please be aware that unless you are a European citizen you are only allowed 90 days of residence in each half year, during which you must live from your own savings as you are forbidden to take paid employment. Life in France is expensive even outside Paris, and it certainly is not cheap on the Côte d'Azur as it is patronised by many wealthy tourists from all over the world.



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    Are you just going to go there to retire ? Or do you need to earn revenue and work ? That is the important question.

    If you are looking for beach activity then Menton is really not the best place. It is very (very) quiet and family-oriented, especially off-season. The mild micro-climate attracts a lot of retired people, so it does not exactly bursts with activity, except a little in the summer. Also note that all beaches from Menton until Antibes are stone (pebbles), not sand! And Nice is not that close. The roads and traffic is such that you can expect a 1 hour drive to get to Nice.

    If you are looking for a place to live on the french riviera, then you could consider Nice, or Antibes. Or even Cannes.

    Poitiers is a nice little provincial town. Nothing much to do. Except the Futuroscope park. But it has quick TGV connections to Paris.

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    All three are good to visit cities of France in terms of places to live then Paris is best for you. Because Menton is famous for the beaches but you hardly find a place, where you get lovely view like in Paris by opening the window of your room. Paris is the capital and the most popular city of France. Paris versatility is nowhere more visible and Café Charbon on Rue Oberkampf in Paris. These are the best places for crowd-puller for tourist. So my suggestion is Paris is the best place to live in.

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