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Video & Online Gaming: How many Issues can you spot with this Video Game Violence and Addition Discussion?

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If I got paid the amount the United States is in debt every time I heard these type of arguments, I'd be the riches person in the world.

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    Jeez, what a horrible situation. But it was obvious from the get-go that the reasons behind that kid shooting his parents stem far, far deeper than playing too much Halo.

    For starters, his father was very strict, and a preacher. While he was outgoing, and active, and a sports player. Imagine the sort of conflicts they must've had for years and years and years while he was growing up.

    And then suddenly, the kid suffers a serious injury that basically floored him for months, while he was on powerful drugs the entire time, and ruined his athletic ability. Imagine the depression he must've felt at the time. The effects the drugs had on his emotions. On top of, what I imagine to have been years and years of struggle with his parents.

    Sounds like the kid was a ticking time bomb, and anything could've set him off. To make the entire thing worse, the kid openly states that the family had lots of guns, guns all over the place.

    Rather than examining the history between the son and parents, the effect the accident had on his psyche, and what effects the drugs had on his system, or the fact that guns were all over their house, they shift all of their focus, and thus all of the blame, on Halo.

    Halo!!! The game where you shoot blue/green/pink lasers at purple gorilla-men while candy colored munchkin aliens recite lyrics to 'We are the Champions'!? They're trying to pin a murder, a patricide, on Halo???

    This entire bit was shockingly irresponsible, and blatant fear mongering.

    As for the ex-football player, it seems obvious to me that the guy has a lot of problems with impulse control, and alluded to have been losing interest and commitment to playing Football. Again, they seriously tried to blame videogames for an NFL player quitting his career.

    Every time I see one of these stories, they never examine the big picture. No one, NO ONE, not one of those doctors, not Katie herself or her interviewer, questioned the father about the fact that there GUNS AAALLL OVER THE HOUSE! Sure, their family have have hunted frequently and responsibly, but you don't keep a teenager who is troubled, pissed off, depressed, and emotionally unbalanced, around a bunch of loaded weapons....

    “Any child with a neurological or psychological disorder should not live in a house with access to guns,” said Alspaugh-Jackson, the executive director of California-based Autism Care and Treatment. “That is, to me, totally irresponsible.”

    The situation is tragic, and it should've never happened. But trying to lump all of the blame solely on videogames is pathetic, and breeds ignorance rather than understanding.

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    "If I got paid the amount the United States is in debt every time I heard these type of arguments, I'd be the riches person in the world." Okay, to be fair, you'd just have to hear that type of argument once. I mean, $17 trillion? Come on. That's too easy.

    Anyways. The entire argument against video games is flawed. It's all scapegoating and logical fallacies.

    Like this kid in the video killed his mom (apparently? I didn't watch the video. Just the intro...). That's one person compared to the millions of other gamers. You cannot "cherry pick" your results and be taken seriously.

    Not to mention, the kid probably had some other issues too (i.e. various mental illnesses, anger issues, etc...) and people like that shouldn't play video games. They also shouldn't have access to guns.

    AND AND AND, violence had been around since the "dawn of man". How can one possibly say "It's technology!" when people have been killing each other for as long as recorded history. Last I checked Jack the Ripper didn't play Halo.

    *Religion* has caused more violence than video games have, should we blame religion for school shootings?

    *And*, like Coulter said, for many people it's an outlet. Some people may have anger issues that video games would exacerbate, but some people have anger issues that allow them to funnel their anger into (i.e. it's directed at the video game rather than know...people...)

    Then, video games can also act as a social platform. You can meet new people and form lifelong friendships. Or, you can maintain your old friendships. I had to move across the country, and when I did I started going to an online high school. Guess what? I didn't meet too many people in Seattle (which was a new area, and I wasn't being integrated into a place like school...) but I was able to keep in touch, and play, with my friends thanks to Xbox Live.

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    I'm one of the most well behaved kids ever, and recently I've been playing GTA, SWBF2, Hentai games(only censored don't get those panties in a twist), and all kinds of other FPS's. Guilty pleasures are great, and they outlet my anger! Except occasionally when I'm tired I imagine punching people who cut me off in the hallway

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    how dare u make fun of games u son of a b****.games teaches us how to self defence ourselves it teachs

    us how to get teaches us how to make stealth moves.u have no rights to defy games.

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