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Why do people try to turn introverts into extroverts?

I have never been bullied in my LIFE, I have a happy, healthy family with no history of abuse, I get straight A's at school, and I do have friends. But, I am an extreme introvert. I like keeping to myself and not talking at all. I like observing people and how they interact, but never actually joining in. (Sort of like looking at animals at a zoo) I get along perfectly with myself, and I love silence and aloneness. I often go to extreme measures to avoid human contact (if you put a stranger in my kitchen, I would probably starve to death before going in and introducing myself). My question is…what is wrong with being an introvert? (Unless, one wasn't originally an introvert and became one from bullying, etc. etc.) Where ever I go, people are always asking me why I don't talk, why I'm so shy, that I just need to be brave and start being social. I even see books and magazines and websites dedicated to transforming an introvert into an extrovert. I don't see anything wrong with being introverted, so why does everyone, including my own mother, try so damn hard to transform me? Are there perks to being extroverted? Am I missing something?

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    Don't worry about it. It's not so bad, I myself can be shy, when my parents have friends over, I lock myself in my room and read Trotskys autobiography, and he's still a kid to the part I'm up to so you can tell I'd rather be in my room reading a boring story about my idol as a little kid than I would socializing with people I don't know. It'll help to introduce yourself at a job or if your friends have friends you don't know, other than that I see little to worry about, I was picked on in middle school but I was still sociable, kids used to mock me, I deserved it though I acted as a bully to lower kids because other kids were doin it. I was kinda like Squealer in Animal Farm except without being clever, anyways in no way did that actually interfere with my social life, so just ignore those people. People try to turn me away from socialism because i'm a Trotskyist and people can't accept I have different beliefs, same goes to the guys tryin to turn me into an atheist just because I believe in evolution and God, wanna know what I say to those who try to change who you are??? Screw em. Just forget about them, and ignore them, good luck with everything, and don't pay so much attention on what society tells you to be

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    I'm ultimately an ambivert (both introverted and extraverted) I would say. But I have been through an introverted stage.

    To answer your question, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted. However, there is a difference between being introverted and socially anxious. If you can't even go into your kitchen while a stranger is there, you may need to work on your social skills and social anxiety. In your situation, it sounds deeper than just "not wanting to talk at all".

    Like I said, nothing is wrong with being introverted, but it isn't healthy if you can''t socialize normally when you need/want to.

    Have a good/day night! Screw that, have a good life!

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    Well, there's a fine line between being an introvert and having a social anxiety disorder. Humans are social creatures, even introverts usually have no issue being social, they just prefer to be alone. If being social bothers you this much - you might have a social anxiety disorder.

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    I think extroverts want you to become another source of validation for them (mirroring them). I am trying so hard to swallow my frustration. It only works sometimes. Other times I come here and comment on other introverts' woes.

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  • Doug
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    Emily, how can "U" have friends when you don't talk at all????? To be honest with you, I really don't think your being HONEST HERE. You lied to "US" in the beginning, so why should "WE" believe anything after that?????????????????????????????????????? By-the-way, insecurity affects likability.....


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