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Is amanda knox and her ex innocent?

What do people think of Amanda Knox and her Ex being retrialed again? Are they innocent? Will she be extradited?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    If you go strictly by the evidence they are innocent. There was NO evidence at the crime scene that pointed to Amanda or her boyfriend. Not one fingerprint. Not one hair. No DNA. ALL of the evidence pointed to Rudy Guede.

    Think about it! This was a very violent bloody murder. If they were involved there would have been at least one hair or fingerprint. There was evidence from Guede all over the crime scene. Meredith’s room would have been filled with the bloody footprints, handprints and smears of THREE PEOPLE, not just one.

    Guede testified against Knox and her boyfriend. And guess what? after he testified his sentence was reduced! Hm, I wonder, would a career criminal lie to get a reduced sentence?

    Lets not forget about her illegal interrogation by the Italian police. She was interrogated for several days with no lawyer by abusive investigators.

    Weasel McWeasel: If there is any physical evidence against her please tell us what it is!

    You keep saying she lied. You might have lied also if you were interrogated for hours upon hours by abusive investigators.

    • Weasel McWeasel
      Lv 7
      6 years agoReport

      Oh for Gods sake............there's mountains of evidence against them both! That's why they've been found GUILTY twice now!

      Educate yourself to the actual FACTS of the trial. They LIED repeatedly to police. Tales of being BEATEN are 100% FALSE!

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  • Pete
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    At this moment in time they are convicted murderers. They have a final appeal, if that isn't successful the Italian government will ask for her extradition. The Italians could have an Interpol arrest warrant issued which would mean that if Amanda Knox left the USA she would be arrested.

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  • y
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Apparently not, according to the latest trial. The Italian system is different then ours, they can keep going back and forth for frigging ever. We will never really know what happened or how guilty she is or isn't.

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  • 6 years ago

    anyone even remotely familiar with the case, is aware of the numerous lies they both told police.

    Why would innocent people, who had NOTHING to do with the murder, tell so many LIES?????????

    Their explanations are pure rubbish and they've had 7 years to work out their BS stories.

    The US should absolutely extradite here. We have legal treaties.............she's been given EVERY consideration....and even NOW, **still** has one final appeal left.

    If after that appeal, the conviction is again upheld..........then there's no more questions.

    She can cry all she wants.............NO ONE *wants* to go to prison..........but she should have thought of that, before she lied to police, framed innocent men, and murdered her roommate.

    Americans, (which I am one)........seem to be under some bizarre notion that she was ever declared "Innocent".

    That NEVER occured.

    What happned was...........her original conviction was Italian law, it's AUTOMATIC.

    In that appeal, it was decided that there was *enough* reason, due to procedural errors and questions over evidence handling, to throw the first conviction out , and she was *released*. There were also some questions that were not fully explored or answered in the first trial.

    She was NOT declared "Innocent", as she likes to claim on Tv,...

    She was RELEASED from Prison, on legal technicalities.

    She served no amount of unfair time in jail, since she *WAS* convicted of framing the bar owner, and got a seperate 4 years for that alone. And THAT charge WAS upheld at her first appeal. There was also a slander charge after that..........which is why her sentence was increased this time.

    There has been no "double jeopardy"..........because it's the SAME trial.........just going thru the endless legal and appeals process. She wasn't found "innocent" and then, "oh on second thought, ,let's try her again". She was found GUILTY........and then found legal loopholes to get off the hook.

    Think of it, as a murderer on Death row for 20 years........exhausting all their appeals.

    Except, in this case......political pressure of having the poor baby in some nasty Italian jail was applied.......and they came up with a ruling that effectively granted her freedom. It was a window of opportunity for her to FLEE.........and FLEE she did. She ran back to the United States and wrote books about her "innocence"

    But right after she fled............the same court system reviewed the RULING that let her out of jail, and found it be **without** any legal merit whatsoever.

    In other words............a back door political deal was made.......they let her go..........and then quickly reversed the decision that let her go. At that point, her legal stauts was RETURNED to "Provisionally Guilty"-----but, too late.....she had already FLED. Then, based on all this shifty manuevering, and the ILLEGALITY of her RELEASE........ordered a new trial to be held, if the first was technically ruled a mistrial......

    That brings us to the new trial.....and re-examination of the facts, and not surprisingly, she was found as guilty as the first time.

    That's Guilty x 2.

    Provisionally Guilty -1

    Innocent -0

    Acquitted on legal loopholes -1 .....if anyone is keeping score.-

    She has the SAME AUTOMATIC appeal *THIS* decision now to Italy's highest court.....and if found guilty THERE..........then that's the end of the line.

    3 strikes and you're out.

    Then , extradiction requests should be made and kept.

    anyone remotely familiar with the facts of the case.......knows they are guilty and lied their azzes off.

    Her act fools no one.......except people who read the "Injustice in Perugia" website........which is like getting your facts about 9-11 off some Truther website.

    She's been solidly found guilty TWICE now.......using the same evidence.

    Her stories and alibi's and whining, didn't add up to a pile of spit.

    WAHHHHHHHHHHH! I don't ***want**** to go to jail over the murder I lied repeatedly about, is not really much of a legal defense.

    That's too bad, Buttercup......should have thought of that before you framed innocent men, and lied to police, investigating the Death of your "good friend", .....REPEATEDLY.

    What Americans *DO NOT* know about the facts of this case is staggering.

    Source(s): I love the people who say there is no evidence against her, They should try actually reading the real court transcripts sometimes, or look at the Meredith was MURDERED website, which lists no fewer than 12 pinpoint FACTS from the case, and WHY they were indeed found GUILTY, Twice now. Just saying there are "no facts" against her, doesn't make that so. There's ALOT against them BOTH. Even Rafaele ***DID NOT*** back up Amanda's version in court. Wake up sheeple.
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